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[Theory] One Piece – There’s Something About Monet (Nakama Theory)


One Piece - Monet - by teebohne

Monet the Harpy – art by teebohne

I really can’t help myself in pushing forward this theory as I have quite the obsession with Monet’s character. Although I will make an effort to be as objective as I possibly can, there will be a certain degree of bias driving me during my interpretation of the scenes which I will be using to support my theory surrounding Monet regarding her potential as a Straw Hat nakama candidate due to my obsession. Be it my delusion, hope, insanity, ego or something even more intangible, there is some incomprehensibly mysterious force compelling me to follow through with this desire.

I was one of the first, if not the first, to correctly predict that Monet was a Logia Devil Fruit user – the Yuki-Onna, so I have a certain attachment to her character and cannot not believe in my feeling that Monet has a deeper relevance in the story than what we were shown.

Now before Monet’s character can be considered a potential candidate for a Straw Hat nakama, there are certain arguments that need to be addressed:

  • Monet’s was killed by Caesar Clown on Punk Hazard;
  • Monet is a villainous and evil person;
  • Monet is loyal to Donquixote Doflamingo

Those are basically the three main elements preventing Monet’s character from being considered anything beyond a villain. Once I tackle those elements, I will express why I believe Monet has potential to become a Straw Hat member.

Evidence against Monet being dead

Is Monet evil and irredeemable?

Monet’s loyalty to Doflamingo

How will Monet become relevant to the story?

What will Monet’s role in the story be?

Luffy’s love for snow

Using Nami and Robin to predict who the third female Straw Hat member could be

The Potential Of Monet

Monet Timeline

Doflamingo’s Undercover Agent – Monet:

>>Monet Undercover: The Beast Pirates

>>Monet Undercover: Punk Hazard

Other possible hints:

It may be meaningless, but I find it interesting and note-worthy that there is an astronomical telescope in the Thousand Sunny’s Crows Nest:

The Thousand Sunny's Crow's Nest

The Thousand Sunny’s Crow’s Nest

For what purpose does the astronomical telescope serve at moment in the Straw Hat crew? I doubt it would be used for scouting when there are binoculars available. It may be used for star-gazing by the members merely because some have interest in space, but if space does become relevant to the Straw Hats adventure in the future and they gain a nakama who is an astronomer (Monet), I can certainly see that astronomical telescope being put to serious use.

Another note-worthy point is the mystery surrounding the sea/snow rabbits that appeared in the sea around the Thousand Sunny in chapter 700 when the Thousand Sunny was traveling towards Dressrosa. Those sea/snow rabbits bear a ridiculously uncanny resemblance to the snow rabbits which Monet creates with her Yuki Yuki no Mi. Is it coincidence or intentional by Oda? The anime did make them out to be Sea Lapahns, but seeing as they weren’t in the manga and were an original addition to the One Piece world creatures by the anime, I won’t take that anime filler arc seriously.

One Piece - Monet's snow rabbit

I cannot think the two to be unrelated…

The fact that Oda in the volume 71 SBS makes note of that scene from chapter 700 but avoids explaining what exactly they were/are has me believing that Oda was teasing us with that comment and was intentional in making the sea/snow rabbits resemble Monet’s Snow Rabbit attack.

D: Regarding Chapter 700… Oops…! Good evening, Odacchi! Regarding Chapter 700, while Luffy and the others are on the way to Dressrosaroba, we can see animals that look like sea rabbits. What does Law like to eat other than Onigiri? P.N. Hasumomo
O: Well, ummm, grilled fish! Alright, next question.

It could be nothing, but the way Oda completely avoided addressing the scene about the sea/snow rabbits in the ocean yet chose that particular question to include in the SBS of the volume has me wondering whether Oda wanted to hint towards something or not =/.

Final thoughts:

Anyway, I can see much appeal to Monet’s character; such as her playful personality, her really unique design, her amusing characteristics, an interesting fighting style (utilising unique weapons) and an overall mystery surrounding her character. To me, Monet has to be one of the most uniquely designed female characters in One Piece, especially seeing that her Harpy form likely didn’t come about through natural means (meaning Monet may be the only harpy in the series). Her epithet being a Yuki-Onna is also incredibly fitting and cool for her Logia ability, which has been highlighted quite comprehensively in the short time she was focused on. You can tell Oda put a lot of thought into her character, especially with her abilities and differentiating them from the Hie Hie no Mi abilities.

Monet already shares the unique design and quirky personality qualities the other Straw Hats share, so there are some factors that support her being a potential Straw Hat nakama. Plus Luffy absolutely loves snow. The fact that Monet’s dream is connected with the Pirate King and because Oda was desperate to make it appear Monet had died makes all the more certain that she is a very likely candidate for becoming a Straw Hat nakama.

Ultimately though, the key questions become:

  • Will space and the moons be relevant to the Straw Hat Pirates adventure?;
  • If so, will they end up traveling to space and the moons?;
  • If yes, would the Straw Hat Pirates need an astronomer?;
  • Is Monet an astronomer?;
  • If yes, would Monet become the astronomer the Straw Hats require for their adventure?;
  • Is Monet a former Tenryuubito slave?

This theory is based on a lot of speculation, but I just can’t help but feel that there really is something about Monet.

Thank you for reading!


17 thoughts on “[Theory] One Piece – There’s Something About Monet (Nakama Theory)

  1. hello, im quite obsessed with monet too and i wish for her to come back in the story as soon as possible. About the part when Franky realise that it is Ceaser lying on the ground. I wanted to compare the image u provided from the manga to the anime. And in the anime they are not showing the block of earth and the weapon beside ceasar. It may have again no meaning but why wouldnt they show it then, maybe because with colors the identifying would reveal something it shouldnt.

    I also wanted to add that i think Monet is a real harpy. I do not think law modified her body for the simple reason of what would be the point to add a tail in her back she could definetly fly without it. That’s all i got and i want to say i really like Monet i dont her dead 😦

  2. I am a fan of Monet since I saw as harpy and I liked more when I knew I was Logia and I like this personality… and thanks of other fans I discovered his heart nex to CC unconscious… if she had to die he did that poison Shikonotsu..

    I have also analyzed the character and I have not seen another woman that can compare with Nami and Robin much as Monet.. and Oda cleared in SBS Monet and Sugar(sisters) had a very miserable life…

    we also need one logia, Jinbe nakama? the other are woman, Monet is perfect, the Logia of Monet is good to fight..

    Doflamingo recently said that, “I forgive failure but no betrayal” that’s not what he said to Monet, “fails and dies” so Doflamingo has tried to Monet as Bellamy, as an inferior who fails once and must die ….I hope to return soon to the history, opportunities will dwindle as ending the saga..

    I did not know what the telescope, although heard about that could be interested in astronomy … That detail would link having similar interests Nami and Robin in the world.


  3. claude monet who monets name is from was passionate with french cooking and obsessed with pudding monets real name is possibly charlotte purin

  4. plus her sisters name is sugar which relates to big moms food theme plus claude monet was french adn charlotte is a french cake and again sanji is french adn a chef and claude monet was obsessed with french cooking and passionate about pudding purin means pudding and monet had things Big Mom is living in Whole Cake.
    Sugar is called Sugar.
    Monet was keeping the Biscuit Room.
    Her and Caesar gave to the children the Candy

    • It’s much more likely the theory that she died and her fruit was reborn in one of Nami’s tangerines. She got stabbed in the heart haha.. Even in OP you don’t walk away from that. I liked Monet too but that also explains the snow rabbits following the ship. Carrot eating it and joining would fulfill the female and logia requirement of the next nakama

      • Looking at the character ‘deaths’ in One Piece on face value can be incredibly misleading – this is “One Piece” after all. Characters who were commented to have died (after biting off their tongue) by in chapter characters have shortly after been shown to be fully alive. Oda goes out of his way to ensure [present time] character deaths are avoided unless their deaths push forward the story and/or lead to character development. That is just Oda’s style of writing. He went out of his way to ensure no Marine died from the Shino Kuni on Punk Hazard, that no citizen or character died from Doflamingo’s Bird Cage and where I am currently up to in the Zou Arc that no Mink died from Jack’s attack on Zou.

        When Oda kills off a present time character, said character’s death pushes forward the story significantly and their will is carried on by another character. Monet’s supposed “death” meets none of this criteria and based on the ambiguity of her “stabbing” that blurs whether her heart was stabbed or just the flesh cube surrounding the heart was grazed, Oda more than likely did not kill off Monet – it is not his style. Chances are Monet will appear in a future cover story if she has no more purpose in the actual story.

  5. Its powsible that monet is being kept captive by big mom in her books since she Would be considered an interesting creature and they already brought a centaur from punk bazard along with a minotaur both names for greek creatures

    • Yeah it seems possible. I am also curious to find out if Caesar was given an aide while working in the Wholecake Island lab. I wouldn’t put it past him to complain of his inability to perfect the giantification experiment because of the lack of assistance ( aka. “Monet”). If Big Mom captured Monet on Punk Hazard, she may have ‘assigned’ her to being Caesar’s aide (again) to ensure Caesar has no room for making excuses in regards to perfecting the Giantification experiment.

      Also curious as to what the next One Piece cover story will be =).

  6. Hey man, I have read this twice now LOL I really love Monet, she is my favorite female character in One Piece with such little appearances and there is 2 things I want to point out:
    In volume 59, the SBS section had the following question:
    The first things is this!!!:
    Odacchi! I noticed an amazing thing!!! It is that if you show the Straw Hat Devil Fruit users in numbers, it will be the numbers from 1~10!!

    Luffy→Gomu Gomu (, Chopper→Hito Hito (, Robin→Hana Hana (, Brook→Yomi Yomi (

    (, but there is no (2.9), so is the one who ate the Nikyu Nikyu ( no Mi, Bartholomew Kuma, gonna be a Straw Hat next? Please tell me!!! P.N. SHANKUS.LOVE

    Oda’s response was:

    WHAAAAAT?! (shock) Gosh that surprised me! Why was I surprised?! NO COMMENTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! NEXT!!

    This basically shows that the devil fruits amongst the Straw-Hat Pirates follow a theme with numbers and the only ones missing are the 2 and the 9.

    It is important to know that 2 can be written as: Yu, Ni and Fu and 9 can be written as Ku, Ki and Kyu.

    So this makes the 2.9 theory plausible with the Yu-Ki fruit and it would be in line with the Straw-Hat devil fruit number theory. Now whether Monet is still alive (theory coming next week) or the fruit ends up with a new potential, only time will tell. Oda will be preparing his curve ball in the meantime.

    And the 2nd is that Big Mom has a big enciclopedia of a lot of species and she said recently they got a Minotauro from Punk Hazard, so maybe they also picked Monet and Luffy once he gets friendly with Big Mom (Since I don’t think they will fight, maybe Luffy or Sanji vs Katakuri and somehow Chopper or Sanji make a cake for her and medicine to not rage, and then Pudding cuts her memories with her ability) I think she will show Luffy his collection or maybe even Luffy destroys the collection and frees Monet! Then Monet seeing Luffy there she asks her about Doflaming and that he quicked his butt and maybe the strawhats tell him that he was mean and explain her the Doflamingo true identity, even tho they were not there (Nami, Brook neither Chopper) or maybe just Luffy tells him and asks her to join, what do you think??

  7. Awesome theory. I read this now where it’s becoming more and more likely that Carrot will become the next nakama and probably even eat Monet’s devil fruit from one of Nami’s tangerine trees.
    But I feel like this would be too predictable and not at all Oda’s style.
    I really hope you are right, Monet is an amazing character, she can’t be dead. Q_Q

  8. I read some theories about that ancient weapon posiden relate to sky(moon) or something.. then this theory can be true, bcz monet like a astronomy.

    • Poseidon is currently Shirahoshi and relates to the sea. Uranus is the ancient weapon that relates to the sky with it being named after a Greco-Roman God of the sky. It wouldn’t be a stretch if Uranus has some relation to a celestial object/moon.

  9. I LOVE this theory, and you’ve put so much work into it. I believe it holds up, since we still haven’t been given enough info to debunk it. Let’s hope!

  10. Hey man I completely agree with you! I think Monet is an awesome character and super cool. Shes also really hot and sexy and I am in love with her character. Im so sad that she died but hopefully she still is alive because I would love to see her beautiful face back on screen 😍. The whole green color design makes her so cool and sexy and I wish they brought her back.

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