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[Theory] One Piece – How Will Monet Become Relevant To The Story?

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One Piece chapter 683 - Monet and Luffy

I am still curious as to why Luffy didn’t want to fight seriously against Monet

I believe Monet is currently heading towards Dressrosa, but there are some other events which I believe took place during the time on Punk Hazard that will force Monet to interact with the Straw Hat Pirates again.

With there being evidence that Monet’s heart may not have been fully stabbed and still beating, one begins to wonder whatever happened to it while it was still at the harbor of Punk Hazard?

Given the scene in chapter 696 where the G-5 Marines separated the harbor into pirate and marine sections, it just so happens that the place where Monet’s heart was left by Caesar Clown was situated on the side the Straw Hat Pirates were separated towards (interesting move by Oda). With the Straw Hats being active on that side in front of the SAD tanker setting up the dining area where the party was held, it seems likely that one of the Straw Hat members could have picked up Monet’s heart and taken it with them. I could easily see Luffy becoming interested and fascinated by a beating heart and as a result taking it with him aboard the Thousand Sunny. With there being a gap in time between the events at the end of chapter 695 and the beginning of chapter 696 – we do not see the Straw Hat Pirates go back to the Thousand Sunny to get their coats, Luffy may have picked up Monet’s heart and taken it aboard the Thousand Sunny in that moment.

The scenario of Luffy saving Monet’s heart would in my opinion parallel Luffy saving Robin in Alabasta. Just like how such a scene was revealed a short while prior to Robin joining, a mini-flashback at the end of the Dressrosa Arc explaining what Luffy did at the end of Punk Hazard would precede Monet beginning to travel with the Straw Hat Pirates.

It may be nothing, but I would like to note that there are certain parallels between Monet and Robin [as villains].

The two of them were both introduced as antagonistic looking characters in a sea of flames and both carried out a similar role in the arc they were in – assistant of the main antagonist.

One Piece chapter 114 - Robin's introduction - sea of flamesOne Piece chapter 657 - Monet's introduction - sea of flames

There is also the fact that both had scenes where they noticed a main character in the arc but did nothing about it:

One Piece chapter 174 - Robin notices Vivi One Piece chapter 679 - Monet notices Chopper

Additionally, both Robin and Monet were [brutally] stabbed by the main antagonist of the arc (Crocodile/Caesar):

One Piece chapter 203 - Robin stabbed by Crocodile One Piece chapter 694 - Monet's heart is stabbed by Caesar

There is still the mystery of the who threw the note to Chopper hanging in the air as it hasn’t been completely clarified by Oda as to who exactly did it. Many speculate Law but if it were him and he used his Ope Ope no Mi to teleport the note to Chopper, wouldn’t he need to create a “Room” first in order to have a space to utilise his ability in? And if he did create a “Room”, wouldn’t Caesar and/or Vergo have noticed as they were right in front of the cell Law was imprisoned in. Furthermore, how would Law have gotten a pen and paper to compose the note with? Did he have them on him or did he get them from elsewhere? Also having been bound with chains, regardless of them not being kairoseki still means that Law was bound to the point that he didn’t have room to write on a piece of paper. If he used his Ope Ope no Mi to write the note, he would have needed to create a “Room”, in order to motion a pen to write on paper and since one wasn’t seen to have been created prior to cell rotating outside, it seems unlikely that Law would have been the one to have written the note. And seeing how the note was thrown at Chopper and not teleported to his location (which Law would have done), I am doubtful as to whether it was really Law who threw the note.

With Chopper standing in reverse hiding position behind a wall, he could have been spotted if someone looked in the direction he was located towards. I believe Monet may have noticed him and moved towards her workstation to get her pen and paper. Given that Monet isn’t shown in the scene when the note is thrown at Chopper, possibly intentional by Oda, I find it possible that Monet was the one who composed the note and threw it towards Chopper.

Similar to how Robin helped Luffy because she wanted to learn more about the “D”‘s, you could stretch the interpretation of Monet’s actions and say she may have helped Chopper so that he could have helped the children (regardless of whether she knew he was a doctor or not). I get that Monet tried to bite Chopper later on, but seeing the children in pain, Monet may have thought the Straw Hat Pirates had done something to them, especially if she didn’t understand the full effects of the NHC10 drug and the withdrawal symptoms that occurs. Once Chopper mentioned to Monet that the children asked them for help out of their own free will, Monet didn’t make any more moves to stop them escaping to chase after the kids, she changed her focus to Zoro.

Oda may have left the true identity of the person who threw the note to Chopper a mystery on purpose just so he could reveal it at a later time.

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