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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 105 – Stagiaire System

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Shokugeki no Soma chapter 105 - Souma and Hisako arrive at their host restaurant

Looks like these two will have no choice but to work together in order to help the restaurant they are about to work at

Amusing to see Souma, Ryou and Akira hang out together even if only to force the others to cook them the dishes they made for the Autumn Election final all in order to find how they can improve their abilities. With the students on their respective paths searching for their identity in cooking, the new arc does seem to provide a platform where the students can find ways to extend what they are capable of doing. The Tootsuki Academy Stagiaire System allows students to experience how working in the a professional environment feels and challenge them to find how they can leave their mark on the restaurant they cook at for that week. Hisako being the one Souma is paired with for the restaurant they are going to work in is interesting, I am curious to see whether she set aside her differences with Souma and actually be of help to the restaurant hosting her.

I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the other characters work in their respective restaurants hosting them to get an idea how they intend to improve their cooking based on how inspired they have all become from the Autumn Election. Hopefully some of the side characters get some chance to be highlighted in their attempts to expand their cooking ability.

Would be nice if Megumi got some coverage this arc as she is an important character. I wonder if she is partnered with someone or whether she is alone at the restaurant hosting her. If she is partnered with someone I wonder who it will be – Ryou? Would be ironic after the match the two had for them to actually form a team and work together in a restaurant.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 105 - Souma, Ryou and Akira hanging out

This current arc will be incredibly important for Souma in helping to shape the chef he is going to become

The current restaurant hosting Souma seems somewhat odd, all of the customers ran outside due to their orders taking too long. Make me wonder if Souma and Hisako are going to leave their mark by helping to improve the cooking process the restaurant uses in order to help speed up the preparation and cooking of the dishes. A challenge certainly does seem to be awaiting the two in this new arc. I look forward to seeing what will happen from here and how Souma will find his specialty in cooking.


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