Fairy Tail Chapter 419 – The Beginning Of A New Adventure

Fairy Tail chapter 419 - Reviving Fairy Tail

Lucy finally got the push she wanted this past year

The desires and hopes of Lucy have finally been moved by the recklessness of Natsu. Wanting to see the guild members again and gather them, Lucy continued to research everyone’s locations yet her inability to assign a reason for her actions ultimately stopped her from making the final step of meeting everyone. Natsu, upon finding the information Lucy had been working on during the year, came to understand how Lucy really felt and became the push she needed to overcome her hesitation of meeting the other Fairy Tail members which in turn allowed her to finally take that step towards her desires.

Jason’s article about the Grand Magic Games finals was great, not only did he convey the strength of Natsu overwhelming the champions of the Grand Magic Games, but he also expressed the real number one of the tournament was Natsu. Thankfully to Natsu actions, we have ourselves a deserving champion of the current years Grand Magic Games. Jason’s article will most likely be read by a few Fairy Tail members who will in turn come to see the message Natsu left on the Mercurius Castle.

Fairy Tail chapter 419 - Natsu the champion of the Grand Magic Games Year X792

Natsu the champion of the Grand Magic Games Year X792

Lucy was understandably negative about Natsu’s actions of leaving Fairy Tail behind without discussing his decision with anybody else, especially her. Lucy may not have expressed it, but Natsu leaving her behind must her hurt quite a bit. Natsu and her share a very close bond, so when she found out that Natsu had in a sense “abandoned” her, she must have felt quite alone once the guild disbanded. Lucy does though understand that Natsu had his own reason for his actions and she can’t selfishly blame him for the pain she endured. Lucy even understands that Makarov must have also had a reason for disbanding Fairy Tail. It was interesting to learn that Makarov is currently missing though, I wonder what happened to him – where did he go? =/.

Natsu with long hair was quite a refreshing experience, but I suppose him with his usual hair style does suit him more, as it has quite the iconic and distinctive look.

I’m glad Natsu was able to see the work Lucy had been doing during the year researching the locations of the other Fairy Tail members and what they had been up to. Lucy may have been hesitant in taking the step to meet everyone else, but she also ways had the desire to want and go see everyone. Thanks to Natsu having a certain imposing personality, he was unconcerned about how everyone else would feel when he made the decision that Fairy Tail will be revived. And understanding Lucy’s feelings, he dragged her along with him on the adventure of gathering everyone else to revive Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail chapter 419 - A new adventure begins

Really excited to see what the future of Fairy Tail holds

With a new adventure beginning and with many developments having occurred during the one year timeskip, I find myself quite excited to see how Natsu, Happy and Lucy’s adventure will progress and what it will entail. Who will they encounter first and how will the other members of Fairy Tail react when they find out that Natsu, Happy and Lucy are reviving Fairy Tail.

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