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Bleach Chapter 614 – The Destruction Of Soul Society

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Bleach chapter 614 - Ichigo cuts down the Soul King

Well that was unexpected…in an unusual way…

How does Ichigo do it? Whenever you feel he has the ability to avoid falling into enemy traps, he reminds you once again just what a master he is at being trolled. Aizen and Ginjou must have felt a slight shiver run down their spine when Ichigo fell prey to the future Juhabach had seen. For Ichigo to end up in such a situation, unintentionally attacking the Soul King and bringing about the beginning of Soul Society’s destruction, what a hilarious development and one which pretty much cast Ichigo’s mind into a spiral of negativity and anguish. Will Ichigo pick himself up from this and finally try to take on Juhabach and stop whatever he believes Juhabach is attempting to do?

So that is what Hiyori and the other Visoreds were doing at the areas of distortion in the human world, gathering a large supply of distortion liquid to help power the gateway Kisuke is about to open up to the realm of the Soul King. Thanks to Ichigo creating an opening for them, along with the captains reiatsu and the distortion liquid, such a gateway is capable of establishing a direct connection with Soul Society and the Soul King realm.

After Aizen tried so hard to open a way to the Soul King realm, it makes one wonder exactly where he is and whether he will be witness to the coming destruction of Soul Society, a future he himself desired at some point. But given that Aizen himself did want be the one who stands on the heavens, I wonder if him going against Juhabach will single his intention of wanting to become the next Soul King =/.

Well whatever happens will happen and as Kenpachi tried to convey with the poetic and deep words he used, it is about time we see some action! Juhabach’s Elite Force has long outlived their usefulness and it feels like a good time they find themselves bested at the hands of the main characters or at least the Gotei 13. Hopefully with the Karakura team gathered, we actually see them feature in a battle as it would be a dam tragic shame if the main characters finished the series like some forgettable tertiary character. I desperately want to see what Sado, Inoue, Yoruichi and even Ganju are capable of after not seeing them feature in battles for so long. It is actually painful enduring how badly I want to see that. I couldn’t care less for the Gotei 13 so here’s to me hoping that Juhabach’s Elite Force gets annihilated by Sado, Inoue, Yoruichi, Ganju and Ichigo.

Bleach chapter 614 - Juhabach

Juhabach and those troll eyes…

With Soul Society beginning to crumble away from reality, I am curious to see how Ichigo (or Kisuke) will stop the destruction especially with Juhabach currently wielding such an “All Mighty” ability – I still can’t get over those eyes of his, how unnervingly unnatural they are. Maybe the Soul King finds Ichigo a fitting host and cast some if not all of his spirit into Ichigo granting him both power and a temporary link to keeping the many worlds together and separate from each other. Ichigo being a proxy Soul King would definitely be cool and potentially give him the same ‘all seeing eye’ ability Juhabach and the Soul King have.

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