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Bleach Chapter 614 – The Destruction Of Soul Society

Bleach chapter 614 - Ichigo cuts down the Soul King

Well that was unexpected…in an unusual way…

How does Ichigo do it? Whenever you feel he has the ability to avoid falling into enemy traps, he reminds you once again just what a master he is at being trolled. Aizen and Ginjou must have felt a slight shiver run down their spine when Ichigo fell prey to the future Juhabach had seen. For Ichigo to end up in such a situation, unintentionally attacking the Soul King and bringing about the beginning of Soul Society’s destruction, what a hilarious development and one which pretty much cast Ichigo’s mind into a spiral of negativity and anguish. Will Ichigo pick himself up from this and finally try to take on Juhabach and stop whatever he believes Juhabach is attempting to do?

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