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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 104 – Search For Ones Cooking

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Shokugeki no Soma chapter 104 - Akira, Ryou and Souma

Rivals yet friends, how will these three push each other forward in the world of cooking?

Souma, Akira and Ryou may be crude with each other not wanting to admit that they recognise each others talent but it is that very passion which sparks them to behave in such a way that has them connecting with each other. All three are driven by the love they have for cooking and the desire to be at the top, so it is natural that those they recognise as talented they feel forced to be the most defensive against, partly to hide the fact that they acknowledge the skills the other person has. With this chapter it has become apparent that the story’s focus is not only on having Souma evolve the world of cooking but bring about such a change through the efforts of many chefs, which now we can see includes Akira and Ryou. Akira winning and Ryou being as equally as talented alongside Souma on adds to that fact.

Akira hugging Jun was a pleasant surprise and expressive of how grateful he is to her for illuminating him and believing in him. Jun has become a motivational source for him in both developing and evolving his cooking. I find myself quite intrigued in seeing how the relationship between the two will develop and whether Jun will ever find out the true depth of gratitude Akira has for her.

I also find myself excited to see how the relationship between Souma, Akira and Ryou will develop. The three of them already recognise each other talents even if they don’t want to admit it, so it will be very interesting to see how the three of them push each others cooking and flavours towards new levels. Both a new rivalry and friendship between the three has been born.

Souma’s conversation with his father confirmed that Souma has recognised a weakness in his cooking and thanks to the encounters he had with chefs he faced in the Autumn Election, he has realised what is – the identity of his own cooking. The next arc most likely will focus on Souma’s search for his cooking and what his particular specialty is. Growing and maturing does go hand in hand with pain, suffering and loss. And in this instance, Souma loss to Akira has only served to fuel him in finding a style of cooking only he can do.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 104 - The worth of encounters

Thanks to pain of losing, Souma was able to see how he can evolve his cooking

With the three of them having created so many waves within the Autumn Election, it is going to be exciting to see where the story heads from here. What new challengers will await them and how will they continue growing. Also concerning Erina, has she finally accepted Souma as being a genuine chef, one who deserves to study and grow at Tootsuki Academy? Looking forward to the next chapter!

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