Fairy Tail Chapter 418 – For The Tomorrow I Desire

Fairy Tail chapter 418 - Lucy's efforts at locating the Fairy Tail members

She couldn’t bring herself to give up on Fairy Tail…

Only when one loses themselves can they truly find themselves, and in Lucy’s case she fell into a pit of despair at the realisation that Fairy Tail was no more, yet despite that darkness a light beckoned within Lucy, a light in the form of the desire to want to see all her friends again. Even if Lucy wasn’t aware of it, her mind moved instinctively to reestablish connections with everyone leading her to track every single members location to the best of her ability. Lucy didn’t know why exactly she wanted to gather everyone and what she would do when she did, but within that desire she has begun to realise a truth she wasn’t fully aware of before – that Fairy Tail is more than just a guild for her, it has become part of who she is.

Timeskips essentially evolve the world of the story and the characters within, highlighting past developments to signify a need for change and growth. With the fall of Tartarus and the loss that ensued in that battle, the scars and pain within each of the characters hearts and minds awoke a voice within them, one which compelled them to cast themselves into the unknown of the world in order to find out who they really are and what they are truly made of. A year filled with pain, loss, longing, and hollowness yet a journey driven by the desire for self-discovery and self-growth. With a year having passed, just how much have the Fairy Tail members grown?

Fairy Tail chapter 418 - Lucy's love for Fairy Tail

Deep down she wants to be a part of Fairy Tail again

Personally, I loved getting an in-depth look into Lucy’s feelings and thoughts surrounding the past year and the dissolution of Fairy Tail. Despite falling into depression and becoming lost, Lucy still instinctively chose to pursue a path which would allow her to keep track of the Fairy Tail members, and even though she didn’t know why she was doing such a thing, deep down she never wanted Fairy Tail to end, she still wants it to continue existing – which is why she never got rid of the Fairy Tail crest on the back of her hand this past year. I also thought it was a great touch by Mashima-sensei to convey the despair Lucy felt at the events a year ago through the positive affirmation Lucy began each day with – “I’m going to give it my all today!” Despair is a consuming feeling and once caught within its debilitating embrace it is incredibly hard to find a path away from it, affirmations are a great way to dispel the rut of negativity and I found it uplifting to see Lucy in a relatively positive state of mind after the events from a year ago.

With the appearance of Natsu and Happy, the feelings Lucy had has become all the more clear, conveying to her that this isn’t the time for Fairy Tail to end. With a new age being entered into and with Fairy Tail inevitably about to recreate itself, I would love for there to be a new guild master to lead them into this coming age. More than someone with power representing Fairy Tail, I feel it is more fitting to have someone embodying the heart and spirit of Fairy Tail lead them. For that reason I feel it only natural for Lucy to become the next master of Fairy Tail. She may be young and may not be as powerful as the other Fairy Tail members, but her heart has been longing to revive Fairy Tail and I believe such a heart is one fit to lead the new Fairy Tail into the next age. Lucy through the losses she has suffered and the pain she has endured has finally realised what she wanted deep within herself, that being the desire to return Fairy Tail to the world.

Fairy Tail chapter 418 - Lucy's desire beckons

Without a doubt Lucy is going to gather the Fairy Tail members back together!

I understand that having a Guild Master that is powerful is more desirable, but honestly I am somewhat tired of having an overwhelming strong character be the guild master and not feature much in the battles unless of course it is against equally strong opponents (which are rare). Lucy being the master of Fairy Tail will not only add to her character but also place herself in a position where she has no choice but to force herself to improve her fighting, tactical and leadership abilities. Also being the master of Fairy Tail may just be the necessary motivation Lucy needs to really push what she can do as a Celestial Mage. We all know Lucy is capable of outrageous and powerful feats, but what is limiting her is the lack of motivation she has to really push herself to the next level where she can explore the true potential of a Celestial Magic.

Well while I do say this, I am aware of the fact that my desire to have Lucy become the next master of Fairy Tail is an unlikely possibility at best. Lucy may just very well get the motivation to improve herself without the need of the master title. At the very least, I think Fairy Tail will have a new master – Makarov likely still one of the Ten Wizard Saints will probably support Fairy Tail when it revives.

Fairy Tail chapter 418 - Lucy's analytical ability

Impressive analytical skills Lucy!

What is certain though is that after one year Lucy has become more sensitive to details and in her ability to analyse the details she does become aware of. Lucy being able to read the magic levels of the competitors in the Grand Magic Games and determine the truth behind Skull Millione’s actions was an impressive feat and one which does highlight Lucy in having an innate ability to accurately analyse a situation and make predictions. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lucy’s attention to detail extended towards being able to construct detailed plans and strategies, similar to how Mavis, known as The Fairy Tactician, was gifted in such areas.

Turning to Natsu now, his entrance was quite explosive and certainly fired up! To be able to melt the Grand Magic Games stadium, what a ridiculous rise in power he has achieved, especially the control he now has being able to melt the clothes off the spectators with the heat emanating from his flames without causing them physical damage. It will be exciting to see how far Natsu has advanced in mastering his Dragon Slayer magic.

Fairy Tail chapter 418 - Natsu appears after a year of training

He really is fired up!

With the media covering the Grand Magic Games, I expect Natsu (and Lucy) to send a message to the other Fairy Tail mages across Fiore that the guild is not dead. With it being a certainty that Fairy Tail is back, I am very much looking forward to seeing where the story heads from here. What developments across the world have taken place during the one year timeskip?



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