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Fairy Tail Chapter 418 – For The Tomorrow I Desire

Fairy Tail chapter 418 - Lucy's efforts at locating the Fairy Tail members

She couldn’t bring herself to give up on Fairy Tail…

Only when one loses themselves can they truly find themselves, and in Lucy’s case she fell into a pit of despair at the realisation that Fairy Tail was no more, yet despite that darkness a light beckoned within Lucy, a light in the form of the desire to want to see all her friends again. Even if Lucy wasn’t aware of it, her mind moved instinctively to reestablish connections with everyone leading her to track every single members location to the best of her ability. Lucy didn’t know why exactly she wanted to gather everyone and what she would do when she did, but within that desire she has begun to realise a truth she wasn’t fully aware of before – that Fairy Tail is more than just a guild for her, it has become part of who she is.

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