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One Piece Chapter 778 – Zoro VS Pica (Part II)

One Piece chapter 778 - Zoro slices Pica's stone body in half

What Zoro is capable of when he is serious!

And that is exactly why Zoro is one of the most badass shounen characters ever created, he delivers satisfaction in spades (sorry Pica). Not only did he impress with his strength, his ability to tactically analyse the situation and act accordingly was what truly blew my mind. On top of that, the art work this chapter was sublime, those double page spreads melted my eyes as Zoro disposed of Pica in epic fashion. Indeed, the Straw Hats are more than just Straw Hat Luffy and God Usopp, Zoro was quite right when he told Pica he was on a completely different level to him, a shame Pica chose not to listen, he underestimated Zoro big time!

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Bleach Chapter 617 – The Return Of Aizen

Bleach chapter 617 - Aizen sealed

I bet Aizen is smiling behind that mask…

He is finally back and about damn time! The man who single-handedly took on the Gotei 13 (pretty much), makes his grand re-entrance in his usual cryptic style. Looks like without Kyouraku realising it, he got caught in Aizen’s Kyouka Suigetsu. I can’t believe I had been looking forward to this moment for so long and with such excitement, it is almost absurd how much I have come to love Aizen’s character since being out of focus. I guess sometimes you only realise how great a character is once they disappear from the focus of the story. Hopefully with Aizen free, Kubo-sensei has something really special planned for him.

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One Piece Chapter 777 – Zoro VS Pica

One Piece chapter 777 - Zoro aims at Pica

Mr. Pica, I don’t think it would be wise to have your back towards Zoro

Pica is one strange man, I had expected him to focus all his efforts towards defeating Zoro but in the end Pica determined the best way to protect Doflamingo’s position as the king of Dressrosa was to remove the closest obstacles threatening Doflamingo’s position i.e the previous king, Riku Dold III, and the people representative of the Dressrosa from ten years ago. It is understandable that Pica believes in Doflamingo, but his definition of “king” is so grossly twisted, I can’t help but wonder why he believes Doflamingo makes such a great “king” after everything Pica has seen Doflamingo do. Does Pica really not know the depths of a person’s compassion and kindness (being only subject to torment and suffering prior to meeting Doflamingo)? Regardless, Pica right now is trying to remove the Dressrosa that existed ten years ago by removing King Riku himself.

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Bleach Chapter 616 – Replacing The Soul King

Bleach chapter 616 - Ukitake and Mimihagi-sama

The birth of a new Soul King

Wow, that was quite the twist…so Ukitake survived his lung disease as a child because of the “mythical God” Mimihagi-sama, who happens to be the right arm of the Soul King. Ukitake’s lungs were offered as a sacrifice to Mimihagi-sama and since that moment Ukitake had expected for a time like such to arise, where he would have to invoke Mimihagi-sama again and use its power to save Soul Society from ruin. Ukitake with all of his internal organs as a sacrifice will give his life to become a vessel for Mimihagi-sama and become the new Soul King.

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One Piece Chapter 776 – The Legendary Kyros

One Piece chapter 776 - Kyros's determination

What an absolute beast Kyros, no wonder he is a legend!

Kyros; the strongest gladiator in the history of the Corrida Colosseum, the undefeated champion of 3,000 matches, and the commander of the Riku Royal Army, yet a man robbed of his humanity for ten long years fated to exist as a toy while the nation he loves slowly crumbles into ruin and desolation. Carrying the weight of a nation’s sorrow and the regret of his own inabilities on his shoulders, he becomes the embodiment of country’s anger and bears that weight towards the man who brutally stole the life of his wife away from him and the world. The difference in resolve driving their swords became the deciding factor in revealing who the true Hero of the Corrida Colosseum was.

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Bleach Chapter 615 – The Return Of Chaos

Bleach chapter 615 - All is Lost

The death of the Soul King ushers in the destruction of worlds…

Oh Juhabach, he is going to be so surprised when things don’t work out the way he expects and foresees because something will inevitable happen that flips the whole situation around on him. Be it Ichigo doing something or Aizen appearing and messing with Juhabach’s senses ultimately distorting the “future” he foresees, in the end something IS going to happen to prevent the worlds from crumbling. I must admit though, I find myself quite distressed at seeing Ichigo once again trolled by an opponent and not even realise that him panicking is only making the situation more dire. Ichigo may be strong, but he seriously needs to think before reacting.

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[Theory] One Piece – Using Nami And Robin To Predict Who The Third Female Straw Hat Member Could Be

One Piece chapter 726 - double page colour spread

Can the past of Nami and Robin help to predict who a potential female nakama could be?

They are only two female characters currently in the Straw Hat Pirates, so it may be hard to try to predict what qualities another female character would need to possess to potentially become a Straw Hat member, but even with two we can still try to dissect some notable consistencies or similarities that may help in identifying a female character that could have potential in becoming the next female to join the Straw Hat Pirates.

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[Theory] One Piece – Luffy’s Love For Snow

One Piece chapter 733 - Yuki-Onna?

The Strawhat Pirates take a break in the snow

Throughout One Piece Luffy has come across many things which excite and mesmerize him, some of which he has repeatedly mentioned wanting. For the most part, he has gotten what he wants, such as a navigator, a cook, a doctor, beams, a robot, a skeleton, a musician. But there are still two things Luffy currently doesn’t have which he has repeatedly shown excitement for throughout the One Piece manga (well three if you include meat when it runs out). Those two things are a giant [bronze] statue and snow.

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[Theory] One Piece – What Will Monet’s Role In The Story Be?

One Piece Chapter 693 - The New Age

What adventures await the Straw Hat Pirates in the New World?

If Monet really is an astronomer, we may very well get an arc/saga centered around the moons and space in the future. How exciting would it be to see the Straw Hat Pirates sail across the “Black Sea” towards one of the moons of the One Piece world?

The fact that Oda had revealed in the Enel’s Great Space Operation cover story that there are Space Pirates and Space Pirate ships within the One Piece universe, the possibility of space being sailed upon does exist. Since a precedent has been set, it is possible for the Straw Hat Pirates to “sail” in space like the Space Pirates do.

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[Theory] One Piece – How Will Monet Become Relevant To The Story?

One Piece chapter 683 - Monet and Luffy

I am still curious as to why Luffy didn’t want to fight seriously against Monet

I believe Monet is currently heading towards Dressrosa, but there are some other events which I believe took place during the time on Punk Hazard that will force Monet to interact with the Straw Hat Pirates again.

With there being evidence that Monet’s heart may not have been fully stabbed and still beating, one begins to wonder whatever happened to it while it was still at the harbor of Punk Hazard?

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