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One Piece Chapter 775 – Franky VS Senor Pink

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One Piece chapter 775 - Franky VS Senor Pink

The conclusion of the manliest fight…

With their manliness challenged, the two engage in a battle tanking each others hits in order to be the last one standing and prove to the other that they are the manlier man. From a spectator’s perspective, the mere notion of such a battle may appear meaningless and foolish, but despite the duty they hold to others and the promises they made, the importance of being a man to them takes precedence over any other consideration. Franky and Senor Pink may be on opposite sides of the line by they certainly understand each other and resonate together.

Princess Mansherry, now I see why Leo labelled Mansherry as selfish because from his perspective, she is being selfish and bossy, but in truth, she is trying to force Leo to be together with her and spoil her. It is unfortunate that Leo is too dense to notice it, but the relationship Leo and Mansherry share is cute and even though it is currently a one-sided relationship, Leo probably will realise the truth at some point. It reminds me of the Luffy and Hancock relationship which I hope materialises into reality at the end of the series =D.

Jora has hinted at the potential of Mansherry’s Chiyu Chiyu no Mi being able to restore a damaged object to its previous original form at the cost of ones lifespan. Doflamingo had kept Mansherry to be a last resort plan to restore the SMILE production factory if it were ever destroyed. It is interesting that the Donquixote Pirates know Mansherry’s Chiyu Chiyu no Mi capable of such a feat, how exactly do they know about it?

Well with Mansherry now saved from the Donquixote Pirates prison, Doflamingo certainly will find himself overcome with a mass of shock and disappointment when he finds out that along with Princess Mansherry being freed, the SMILE production factory is about to be destroyed with Senor Pink defeated. All the plans Doflamingo has put in place to avoid a worse case scenario are bursting into flames and no matter how careful Doflamingo was, his mistake of challenging the Straw Hat Pirates is the reason why the worse case scenario Doflamingo had dreaded is about to become reality. With the knowledge, Doflamingo will probably snap and try to destroy Luffy  ultimately leaving himself vulnerable.

One Piece chapter 775 - The story of Senor Pink One Piece chapter 775 - For his beloved Lucy Anne

Senor Pink, what a surprisingly flashback, it explained completely why Senor Pink dresses the way he does and behaves the way he does. For the woman he loved and the son he apparently lost, wearing the baby themed outfit of his holds more value to him to any other type of clothing. His outfit allowed him to get his beloved Lucy Anne to smile, a gesture so warming it became the source of his strength and resolve that he didn’t mind the public and even his comrades laughing at him. Franky recognised a brother in Senor Pink and despite him taking out Senor Pink, he expressed desire to share a drink with Senor Pink sometime in the future if they ever meet.

One Piece chapter 775 - a friendship formed between two man

A friendship formed between two man…

With Franky having come out victorious and finding a kindred spirit in Senor Pink, it is time for him to now focus on the SMILE production factory and take it out thereby completely the objective the Straw Hat Pirates and Law initially had when traveling to Dressrosa. Hopefully the Donquixote Pirate executive battles get to feature in the next chapter, I am very curious to see how Zoro will take down Pica, how Kyros will get his revenge on Diamante and whether Robin will be the one to take on Trebol.

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