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Bleach Chapter 613 – Gears Of Fate

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Bleach chapter 613 - Ichigo meets Juhabach

What will become of Ichigo?

I have no idea what Ichibei is even hinting at or what sort of intention he has sending Ichigo to meet Juhabach. I was hoping in this chapter we would get to learn what Ichibei meant when he said humans could not defeat Juhabach with their abilities, but unfortunately we will have to wait a bit longer to find out the truth about what Juhabach is after and the intentions of the Shinigami. Kisuke appears to have almost completed his preparations, so hopefully in the next chapter we see him finally send everyone to the Soul King Palace.

Looks like Zaraki wasn’t down for the count, guess you can’t keep someone like him out of the action for long. It will be interesting to see if Zaraki features in anymore fights this arc. I actually feel the Gotei 13 have had their moments to shine and now the focus should be placed back on the actual main characters of the story and gives them fights which they can feature in. The Karakura team vs Juhabach’s Elite Force would be a nice match-up.

Also, if Ichigo does get overwhelmed by Juhabach at some point, I would love for Grimmjow to appear and save Ichigo. Would also be incredibly exciting if several Arrancar arrive from Hueco Mundo to assist Ichigo in stopping Juhabach. Hopefully Nel and Harribel are with them =).

I am quite intrigued by the past of the Shinigami and Juhabach and wonder what exactly happened a thousand years ago. How exactly was Juhabach defeated when he possessed such immense power and by whom? Genryuusai Yamamoto? Anyway, looking forward to seeing how this Juhabach and Ichigo encounter pans out.

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