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One Piece Chapter 775 – Franky VS Senor Pink

With their manliness challenged, the two engage in a battle tanking each others hits in order to be the last one standing and prove to the other that they are the manlier man. From a spectator’s perspective, the mere notion … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 613 – Gears Of Fate

I have no idea what Ichibei is even hinting at or what sort of intention he has sending Ichigo to meet Juhabach. I was hoping in this chapter we would get to learn what Ichibei meant when he said humans … Continue reading

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Fairy Tail Chapter 407-417 – The END Of An Age

Despite the success in preventing Tartarus from nullifying all magic power on Ishgar, the cost of reaching such a point was felt by many, in particular, the Dragon Slayers and Gray. The truth behind the remnants of the Dragons and … Continue reading

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