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One Piece Chapter 775 – Franky VS Senor Pink

One Piece chapter 775 - Franky VS Senor Pink

The conclusion of the manliest fight…

With their manliness challenged, the two engage in a battle tanking each others hits in order to be the last one standing and prove to the other that they are the manlier man. From a spectator’s perspective, the mere notion of such a battle may appear meaningless and foolish, but despite the duty they hold to others and the promises they made, the importance of being a man to them takes precedence over any other consideration. Franky and Senor Pink may be on opposite sides of the line by they certainly understand each other and resonate together.

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Bleach Chapter 613 – Gears Of Fate

Bleach chapter 613 - Ichigo meets Juhabach

What will become of Ichigo?

I have no idea what Ichibei is even hinting at or what sort of intention he has sending Ichigo to meet Juhabach. I was hoping in this chapter we would get to learn what Ichibei meant when he said humans could not defeat Juhabach with their abilities, but unfortunately we will have to wait a bit longer to find out the truth about what Juhabach is after and the intentions of the Shinigami. Kisuke appears to have almost completed his preparations, so hopefully in the next chapter we see him finally send everyone to the Soul King Palace.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 407-417 – The END Of An Age

Fairy Tail chapter 415 - Natsu and Igneel

Tears of love and loss

Despite the success in preventing Tartarus from nullifying all magic power on Ishgar, the cost of reaching such a point was felt by many, in particular, the Dragon Slayers and Gray. The truth behind the remnants of the Dragons and their attempts to prevent a repeat of history and the annihilation of their creation birthed from their mistakes unveiled the necessity of working together to defend against the inevitable future threat Acnologia poses to all creation. And within the shadows of that engulfing darkness,  Zeref waits for the one capable of ENDing his suffering and setting him free from the prison of immortality. The flame demon known as E.N.D, otherwise fully known as Etherias Natsu Dragneel.

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