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One Piece Chapter 774 – Saving Princess Mansherry

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One Piece chapter 774 - Leo saves his princess

Nice one Leo =P

So Mansherry’s ability is finally revealed and what an interesting ability it appears to be. Mansherry had consumed the Chiyu Chiyu no Mi (Heal Heal Fruit) and is able to rejuvenate a person and restore their wounds as if it were never inflicted. Jora, who surprisingly makes a sudden reappearance had gone to force the dwarf princess to use her ability to revive the fallen Donquixote members (Machvise, Sugar, Dellinger, Lao G) so they can re-enter the fight and finish off the weakened opposition who defeated them. Leo, though, had other plans and managed to stop Jola and save his princess.

I had been wrecking my brain trying to figure out what Mansherry’s ability could be and while the thought of her possessing healing powers did cross my mind, I had expected her role in the arc to be a more substantial one given that she was left in the shadows of the arc story for so long. I was leaning towards Mansherry possessing an ability that will be relevant in future arcs of One Piece, but with her possessing the Heal-Heal Fruit, Mansherry’s role may very well be limited to the Dressrosa Arc.

One Piece chapter 774 - Mansherry's heal heal fruit

No wonder Doflamingo imprisoned Princess Mansherry, she was to be one of their “back-up” plans…

I do feel that Oda could have benefited from revealing Mansherry’s ability earlier in the arc when Viola was using her Giro Giro no Mi to locate her. With the relevance of Mansherry’s character revealed at that point and the possibility that the Donquixote Pirates could be healed back to fighting condition after their defeat, the developments in this chapter could have been anticipated and made more exciting with reader’s considering this aspect of the arc story to be more relevant and purposeful to the overall plot. Leo’s role in the story in rushing to Princess Mansherry would also have garnered more interest and suspense. Ultimately though, this chapter was still quite good and managed to tie up some loose ends as it advances closer to the climax of this arc.

It will be interesting to learn what the limits of Mansherry’s ability are and whether she can restore a lost limb of a person or if her ability is limited to healing flesh wounds and restoring consciousness. Even if it is just he latter, it is obvious why Doflamingo captured her and kept her imprisoned for all those years, Mansherry has a very useful ability.

Kabu and Leo were pretty badass this chapter, I’m glad those two got moments to be highlighted and were the ones to rescue their princess. Mansherry being in love with Leo is cute, and Leo’s obliviousness to that makes their relationship even sweeter. With the dwarves having saved their people and princess, I wonder what further role they will play in this arc and whether they will help Franky in destroying the SMILE factory.

One Piece chapter 774 - Kyros vs Diamante

Robin is such a badass, I look forward to her fight against Trebol later in the arc

I am still confident that Robin will shortly head up to the Palace roof and encounter Trebol. Of all the characters on Dressrosa, currently the one character who would benefit the most in fighting Trebol and being in the same location as Luffy, Law and Doflamingo is Robin. Robin’s growth over the past two years regarding her fighting capabilities can be highlighted significantly if she fights a Logia and defeats one. Plus Robin may very well learn something about the fates of “D”‘s and the “Tenryuubito” by being present in the location Doflamingo and Luffy will fight at. After Kyros defeats Diamante, Robin will definitely head up to the top of the palace.

With Kyros having such a strong reason to defeat Diamante, I am very much looking forward to seeing how their fight will play out and develop. I also wonder if Rebecca will have a role in this fight. If Oda wanted, Rebecca could take the kairoseki handcuffs Law left behind in the Flower Fields and attach them onto Diamante so Diamante won’t be able to use his Devil Fruit to make the Flower Fields and his sword flutter.  That should be a good way to give Rebecca a purpose and more importantly a role in this important fight.  Diamante and Kyros fighting like real swordsman and gladiators would be fascinating. Plus Diamante without his Devil Fruit vs Kyros with only one leg would be a nice way to balance the fight. Well however the remaining fights develop, I am very much looking forward to them.

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