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Bleach Chapter 612 – No Hope

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Bleach chapter 612 - No Hope

Well thanks for the belief in them Ichibei…

What exactly does Kisuke intend on doing by breaking into the Soul King’s Palace? Even with the current captains and vice-captains of the Gotei 13, I seriously doubt they would amount to much against Yuhabach and his “Elite Force”. As for Ichibei, what the hell did he mean? And what the hell is with his trolling – asking Ichigo to save them and then stating that “humans” have no chance of winning against Yuhabach. Whatever Ichibei meant, I guess it’s a good thing Ichigo is only part human =/.

Shock of the chapter for me was learning that Shihouin Yuushirou was a freaking guy, my goodness, I have been under the impression since his introduction that he was Yoruichi’s little sister, but wow, talk about perception being a dangerous ability. Yuushirou looked like a girl and a mini-Yoruichi at that, to think he was a guy, what a dam dangerous troll Kubo-sensei is!

Bleach chapter 612 - Yuushirou

I should have realised from the name, but Yuushirou is actually a boy…I got trolled…

Nice to learn about the situations of the divisions in the Gotei 13, but Zaraki is seriously in critical condition? I guess his fight against Gremmy took more out of him than I had expected. So much for Zaraki appearing again later in this arc =/. Nice to hear that Division 7 is up to something trying to help Komamura. Will that big dog or whatever it was become relevant to Komamura regaining his original form?

I am really curious about the actual existence of the Soul King, what type of existence is it? And what is this “future” the Soul King and Yuhabach have seen? Does Yuhabach intend to become the new Soul King and shape the world in his manner more “perfect” than how his father did? So many questions…

Anyway back to Ichibei’s comment and Hiyori’s comment about Ichigo not standing a chance against Yuhabach back in chapter 606, what do they all know about Yuhabach that we, the readers, aren’t currently aware of? It is inevitable that Ichigo is going to be the one to defeat Yuhabach, but why does everyone except Kisuke believe they stand no chance against Yuhabach? Well whatever the case, I look forward to seeing how the upcoming battles will progress in the future chapters.

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