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One Piece Chapter 772 – Bartolomeo And Cavendish

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One Piece chapter 772 - Bartolomeo and Cavendish

What a team these two make…

What an exciting chapter; Kyros is able to fight with Diamante and is ready to atone for his sins of not being able to protect his wife and daughter, Zoro has noticed the capabilities of the Happo Navy and is still in casual mode with Pica, Bartolomeo is amped up to defeat the guy who attacked Robin and Cavendish has just let Hakuba out to unleash. The highlight of the chapter certainly was the ridiculous interactions Bartolomeo and Cavendish have with one another, what a hilarious team those two make. I look forward to seeing the two of them conclude their battles with the Donquixote Pirates they are up against.

Given the manner in how Oda-sensei has been developing Bartolomeo’s and Cavendish’s characters together, if Cavendish/Hakuba really is the one to defeat Dellinger, it seems likely that the one to defeat Gladius will be Bartolomeo. From their introduction and throughout the arc, Oda has made a significant effort to contrast and balance their characters. The whole theme of “beauty and the beast” fits their contrasting nature perfectly. Bartolomeo from having a relatively “beastly” outward appearance to having a beautiful heart. Cavendish from having a beautiful outward appearance to having a beastly” inner personality. The public hate Bartolomeo, the public love Cavendish. Bartolomeo doesn’t care for publicity, Cavendish is obsessed with fame.

Cavendish was a Super Rookie a year before “The Worst Generation”, Bartolomeo is a Super Rookie a year after “The Worst Generation”. Cavendish hated Luffy (wanted to kill him), Bartolomeo loves Luffy (wants to protect him). Cavendish abilities are offensive based, Bartolomeo’s abilities are defensive based. Cavendish and Bartolomeo have both shared equal screen time this arc and both of them have had moments where they have directly helped Luffy.

One Piece chapter 772 - Hakuba awakens

Hakuba awakens…

The current battles they are in are being covered together (hence this chapters title – Cabbage and Romeo). So if Cavendish/Hakuba really is the one to defeat Dellinger, I am quite confident that the Bartolomeo is also going to defeat a Donquixote Pirate member as well – Gladius (if Dellinger is defeated by Cavendish/Hakuba). The fact that Bartolomeo after the wink from Robin is even more passionate to take down the guy who tried to attack her supports the possibility that Gladius will be defeated by Bartolomeo.

On another note, this is also the reason why Bartolomeo or Cavendish won’t be joining the Straw Hat Pirates, unless of course both end up joining. I just can’t see one being elevated to a higher level of importance relative to the other when Oda has made considerable effort to contrast and balance both characters.

Regarding Robin heading towards the Flower Fields to help Rebecca, I am quite curious to see if she will feature in a major battle this arc. Given that Kyros has been built up to be the one to defeat Diamante, I don’t see Robin becoming a major factor in that battle. Oda had made Kyros atoning for his inability of stopping Diamante a focus of the arc and right now, Kyros has the ability to defeat Diamante. In all likelihood, Kyros with support from Rebecca will be the downfall of Diamante, especially with the tragedy they have both suffered at the hands of the Donquixote Pirates.

I just feel there has to be a reason for why Oda put Rebecca (wielding her sword) together with Kyros against Diamante, the man who killed Scarlett. This battle will be both about Kyros atoning for his “inabilities” and Rebecca expressing to her father that his teachings were valuable. Rebecca has both the kind heart of her mother and the fighting spirit of her father and she will most likely convey that fact to Kyros. Rebecca may be young and inexperienced, but she is still a gladiator and she was able to avoid the same attack which Dellinger this chapter fell prey to (from Hakuba).

One Piece chapter 772 - Kyros vs Diamante

A father’s atonement

To me it makes much more sense that after Robin confirms that Rebecca is fine that she heads further up the plateau and engages Trebol who is still active and whom she has battled before in the arc (like Usopp and Sugar, Franky and Senor Pink, Zoro and Pica, Luffy and Doflamingo). Once Luffy engages Doflamingo, Trebol may end up joining in that battle as well as it does seem he has recovered from Law’s “Radio Knife” or is not fully affected by it anymore – no more in pieces – if he doesn’t have anyone to stop him. Trebol wasn’t much of an opponent for Law, as if he wasn’t saved by Doflamingo earlier from Law’s “Injection Shot”, he would have most likely suffered serious injuries (the fact that Doflamingo saved Trebol supports the likelihood that Law’s “Injection Shot” would have been fatal to Trebol).

It may appear that Robin is not strong enough to take on Trebol, but throughout the One Piece story, we have rarely seen Robin fight seriously, and when she has, she has utterly defeated her opponent – Pell, Tashigi, and Yama (I won’t count Hammond as a notable opponent as he was pretty weak). I feel it is about time Robin expresses just how capable she is as a fighter after having been in the background for so long and now having an arc which can allow her to shine (like the other Straw Hats currently on Dressrosa).

One Piece chapter 772 - Robin heads to the Flower Fields

Looks like Robin has no problem entering the “monsters battleground”

Trebol may be a Logia Devil Fruit user, but Logia users aren’t immortal and indestructible, even without Haki, they can still be defeated. Robin is one of the smartest fighters in the story, knowing how to use an opponents strength against them – Pell’s wings, Tashigi’s sword, Yama’s dials. It won’t be too much of a surprise if Robin discovers a way to use Trebol’s abilities/state against him. Oda also hasn’t been against matching Robin up with the “monster” antagonists in arcs – Crocodile, Enel during the survival game conclusion, and Oars.

With each of the current Straw Hats on Dressrosa getting a battle to feature in, it would be incredibly strange if Robin doesn’t get the same treatment – a battle to feature in herself – and seeing how Trebol is the only character who doesn’t currently have an opponent and her having battled him before, I feel that the Robin vs Trebol match-up is a likely possibility.

As for Jinbe’s cover story, I wonder if Wadatsumi and him stealing the offerings is seperate from the displacement of the Sea Cats town and the raging Sea Monsters. Will the latter mysterious be explained in the cover story or will it work its way over to the main story and lead to an even bigger event(s). I guess only time will tell, looking forward to it!

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