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Bleach Chapter 611 – The Death Of The Soul King

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Bleach chapter 611 - the last hope

Finally it is time, the main characters are back in focus!

Well that was interesting, Ichibei gets brought back from the dead by merely having his name spoken and the Soul King, whom should have already been awakened, has seemingly been killed by Yhwach. What a twist to learn that Yhwach is in fact the Soul King’s son, I guess now it makes a bit more sense why Yhwach has such a broken power. Still I wonder why exactly Yhwach was so determined to kill the Soul King, I’m sure he is aware that the worlds will collapse without some consistent force connecting them, unless of course Yhwach has a plan to deal with the imbalance that should be create upon the Soul King’s death.

I am somewhat shocked that the Royal Guard were defeated, Ichibei makes sense as Yhwach is the final antagonist of the arc and from the beginning Ichibei stood no chance, but the rest, how did Yhwach’s “Elite Force” take out the other four? The power gain from being revived couldn’t have given them such a power boost that the Royal Guard whom were overwhelming them before ended up getting overwhelmed themselves one the “Elite Force” was revived…

Well regardless, I am glad the Karakura team + Ganju are now on the scene and have some enemies to battle. In the end,  I guess I got what I hoped for, enemies for Inoue, Sado and Yoruichi to fight. The fact that the Royal Guard weren’t necessarily promoted from Captains to their current positions because of their power but instead for thier skills makes it relatively easier to believe that the Karakura team can defeat the enemies whom the Royal Guard were defeated by. Looking forward to seeing the main characters unleash for a change and be the focus of the story.

Bleach chapter 611 - the son of the Soul King

Well that was interesting…

As for Yhwach being the Soul King’s son, I honestly was not expecting that twist, but it makes sense. I had always thought that Kisuke was the son of the Soul King, given how Kisuke always has an answer for any problem and how he has an intimate understanding of the Soul King’s existence. This may still be the case though. Kisuke does have some plan to stop Yhwach, so it wouldn’t be all that surprising if it is revealed that Kisuke is the son of the Soul King as well.

If the current Soul King does die though, is there going to be a new existence that replaces him? Given how Ichigo is connected to the major existences in the world – Human, Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy – it wouldn’t be too much of an impossibility if Ichigo is the existence that replaces the current Soul King if he is dead or does end up dying within the story.

Well, whatever happens, I am excited to see how the coming battles shape the story. Looking forward to seeing the Karakura team in action.

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