One Piece Chapter 771 – The Don Of The Happou Navy

One Piece chapter 771 - colour spread

The top ten most popular characters voted by the One Piece readers

Based on the title of the chapter, I had anticipated Chinjao to be the focus, but to think that it was Sai who was the feature of the chapter, what a pleasant surprise. I can’t help but give Sai one massive applause for being such a badass this chapter, he satisfied beyond expectation and initiated some exciting developments. One of which was his attempts to help Baby 5 from her distorted perception of life originating from her traumatic past. The current focus the Corrida Colosseum fighters are getting definitely does serve the purpose of fleshing out their capabilities and the benefit they will bring to the Straw Hat Pirates once the alliance is formed, so I don’t mind in the slightest having the current content of the chapters focus on them and their battles against the Donquixote Pirates.

Zoro’s battle against Pica is interesting, rather than rush in and slash away at Pica and his stone statues, Zoro is sitting back and observing the movements of Pica all the while being aware of how Pica is attacking. Zoro did hint at Pica being up to something, so when their fight comes into focus again, it will be interesting to see what exactly Pica is up to, especially since it has become apparent that Pica himself can’t get a hit on Zoro.

One Piece chapter 771 - Sai awakens the Hasshouken secret technique

I did not expect that, but what a satisfying development

Regarding the Chinjao fight against Lao G, I had expected Chinjao to make short work of Lao G, considering that Chinjao was able to fight against Luffy and force Luffy to use his Gears. While it is a shame that Chinjao wasn’t able to put up much of a fight against Lao G, it was painfully obvious that Chinjao himself wasn’t even trying and didn’t even seem to recognise Lao G as a considerable threat illustrated by how Chinjao ignored Lao G. Throughout the fight Chinjao became focused on the developments surrounding Sai and removed any interest he had in fighting Lao G. So even if Lao G did knock Chinjao out, it kind of feels like the Bellamy moment on Jaya, when Bellamy was able to beat Luffy and Zoro up when they had no will to fight, but be completely overpowered once Luffy had the will. If Chinjao were serious, Lao G would be the one with his face in the dirt. The benefit of Chinjao being out of focus this chapter helps to highlight Sai’s moment and make it more impactful, especially with Sai gaining the title of Don of the Happou Navy.

One Piece chapter 771 - Sai defeats Lao G

What an epic display of resolution in defeating Lao G and helping Baby 5

Just like Hajrudin did in the previous chapter, Sai proved that he is capable enough to be of benefit to the Straw Hat Pirates in their mission to take down the Yonko and sail the seas of the New World. With Dellinger and Gladius still left active, it will be exciting to see how Ideo and Cavendish/Bartolomeo take down their respective opponent.

Once those battles are concluded, the focus will shift back to the Donquixote Executives and the main Straw Hat battles. I am confident that Robin will feature in a fight this arc and I believe it will be against Trebol. With each of the fights that have concluded pushing forward the victors developing new skills or surpassing their limits, I am excited to see what developments Robin will receive in the fight she is featured in.

One Piece chapter 771 - Baby 5's need to be of use

That smile is so innocent and so sorrowful

Baby 5’s past was surprisingly touching, a few of my heart-strings were tugged and I couldn’t help but feel sad for Baby 5 in the way her mother abandoned her in the past. It makes perfect sense why such an event traumatised her to the point of her becoming obsessed and wholly concerned about being of need to other people when it was her inability to be of help that led to her mother abandoning her. It was great to see the Donquixote Pirates perception of her laid bare in how they viewed her as a convenient woman, one they could manipulate into following their orders. This allowed Baby 5 to realise her worth to the crew she served loyally for 16+ years. Sai going out of his way to save her from such a fate was a satisfyingly badass move. Hopefully now with someone who does care about her, rather than have her fragility abused, she can heal and recover from the trauma of her past.

One Piece chapter 771 - Baby 5's trauma

To be abandoned by her own mother, it is no wonder such an event scarred her so deeply

With the revelation that Baby 5 was only viewed as a convenient woman to the Donquixote Pirates, it has become apparent that Doflamingo isn’t so concerned about his crew members than how he lets on. More than their company, the Donquixote Pirates value the level of use they bring and take advantage of any fragility those being used have. It makes one wonder how many other Donquixote Pirate members are having their traumatic past and fragility abused by Doflamingo and his core members.

Baby 5 is a cool character, so it is great seeing her defect from the Donquixote Pirates and join Sai, who is inevitably going to aid the Straw Hat Pirates with the Happou Navy. This Uholishia, the leader of the Nihou Navy, which Chinjao mentioned certainly does seem to hold a future relevance, especially with Sai making the decision to take another fiancee. Such a choice will definitely birth consequences for Sai when Uholishia finds the person she was supposed to be engaged to chose another woman. With love being a powerful driving force for people, it will be interesting to see how Uholishia will react to Sai’s decision.

With the Donquixote Pirates falling, I look forward to seeing how the executives will be dealt with, especially Pica who is able to control the whole of Dressrosa’s stone.

One Piece chapter 771 - Character Popularity Poll 5 - 2014

One Piece character popularity #5 – congratulations Luffy!

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