Bleach Chapter 610 – The Thousand Year Prayer

Bleach chapter 610 - Yhwach

The King of Quincy unleashes his true power

How interesting, so at the exact moment Yhwach was about to be defeated, the thousand-year wait he had to endure for his pulse, intellect and power to return reached its completion allowing Yhwach to nullify the what would have been finishing blow Ichibei had served to him. If Yhwach had already regained his power earlier in the fight why exactly didn’t he unleash it and crush Ichibei opposed to painfully dragging out a fight that had its conclusion already determined from the beginning? With Yhwach’s eyes “opened”, Ichibei stood no chance…which is what all the readers knew before the fight even began.

I understand that Ichibei was highlighted to develop his character and flesh out what abilities he possesses, but matching him up against Yhwach, who is the final antagonist of this arc makes the readers aware of the fact that Ichibei stood no chance against defeating Yhwach and that took away from the overall excitement of seeing Ichibei unleash his abilities on Yhwach. Whenever Ichibei gained the upper hand, the inevitable end of Ichibei being defeated overshadowed any advantage Ichibei seemed to have during the fight. I admit I was impressed by Ichibei putting up a fight against Yhwach, but that was mainly due to expecting Yhwach to effortlessly deal with him, which is what happened once Yhwach revealed his true power.

Bleach chapter 610 - Yhwach the Almighty

Those eyes…

With Yhwach wielding such an overwhelming power, one has to wonder how exactly Ichigo will go about countering such an ability. Genryuusai Yamamoto in the past managed to overwhelm Yhwach, and while he failed to defeat Yhwach, he did force Yhwach into a sealed state. I guess what Aizen had stated during his battle with Ichigo could come into play in Ichigo’s battle against Yhwach. When someone is in a dimension of existence far above another, that other person would be unable to understand what the person existing in a dimension beyond them feels, sees or thinks. Aizen could feel nothing from Ichigo because of Ichigo releasing Saigo no Getsuga Tenshō and surpassing Aizen in both power and being. Yhwach eyes may be able to see in the future but I believe if there is a power he cannot interpret he would be unable to comprehend it. Yhwach was defeated before, so his power isn’t infallible.

I do find it sad that in Ichibei’s first fight in the Bleach manga, he was matched against the main antagonist of the arc and brutally overpowered. It will be interesting to see how Ichigo surpassing both the strongest Shinigami and Quincy. Hopefully with this fight over, we get to see the Karakura team now. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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