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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 97 – The Autumn Election Final

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Shokugeki no Soma chapter 97 - The Autmn Election finalist

Who will reign victorious?

So it begins, the match to determine the champion of the Autumn Election. I can’t say I’m surprised that Ryou and Akira looked down on Souma when he revealed the pacific saury he prepared, but I was honestly surprised that both of them dismissed completely any plan Souma may have had for preparing his pacific saury in the way he did. Sure fresh fish may be advantageous in the match, but do they really believe that they can’t be wrong? That there isn’t other methods to approach cooking from? Well regardless of the looks Ryou and Akira gave Souma when they prematurely concluded that Souma was destined for third place, I am actually looking forward to the faces the two of them and the audience will make when Souma reveals the real effect of the pacfic saury he has prepared.

It is quite odd that even after all the matches Souma has had where he always underestimated, the audience still questions whether he is a capable cook. They should have learned after his match with Alice and Subaru that Souma isn’t someone to overlook and underestimate. Well, at the very least, everyone underestimating Souma makes for great entertainment, especially when Souma surprises them all with his skills and creativity.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 97 - Nakiri Leonora

That bloodlust…

I honestly didn’t except Tootsuki Academy to be such a massive business, but it sure has branched out in many departments and divisions. After seeing Alice’s mother, Leonora, it became quite obvious why Tootsuki Academy became so massive when being led by the Nakiri family. And here I was thinking Ryou and Akira were inhuman, the Nakiri family are on a whole other level. Leonora being one of the three judges for the final was surprising, so to was her mellow and dark personality. How ominous it was when she expressed the level of critic she will judge the dishes on after revealing her interest in Souma for defeating her daughter earlier in the competition.

The parallel between Souma and his father was great, especially with the both of them now having gazed at the same moon. All that’s left is for Souma to take out this competition and continue following in his father’s footsteps where he will eventually surpass him =D.

The battle of the beasts begin, and I am seriously looking forward to seeing the dishes the three finalist prepare for this match. Action cooking at its best!

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 97 - The Autmn Election final begins

The battle for the top begins

One thought on “Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 97 – The Autumn Election Final

  1. To be fair Soma has gone off on a few limbs worth the dishes he’s made, even his friends noted so it isn’t impossible to think he made some kind of mistake

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