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Bleach Chapter 608 – The Blackest BLACK

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Bleach chapter 608 - Ichibei vs Yhwach

Ichibei can be quite the demon at times =P

Ichibei just keeps surprising, I am almost tempted to believe that he will end Yhwach here and prematurely end the Bleach series. Alas, such a development cannot happen and Ichibei will ultimately fail in stopping Yhwach, leaving the concluding battle in the series to be handled by the protagonist, Ichigo. Knowing that Ichibei is going to be unsuccessful in stopping Yhwach, I am curious to see how exactly Yhwach will overcome Ichibei when he has been completely overwhelmed by Ichibei this entire fight. I can’t help but worry that Yhwach has some Bleach up his sleeve to clean away the blackest of black =/.

Got to love the art this chapter, especially the way Kubo-sensei presented the ink splatter from Ichibei’s Ichimonji and the way he linked the chapter number and title with it. I honestly didn’t mind that the chapter number and title took two pages to present because it was illustrated in such a creative style. I really do look forward to seeing how Kubo-sensei will present the title of the chapter each Bleach issue.

I find it extremely uneasy seeing characters reveal any information about their attacks and abilities to their opponent while battling them. Ichibei should have just kept silent about what the ink splattering around did to Yhwach. Yhwach would have been distracted trying to figure what exactly is going on and how he ended up being affected in such a way. Sadly thought, with Ichibei revealing to Yhwach what exactly the ink splatter meant, Yhwach is able to focus all of attention on avoiding being caught under the effect again and countering the enemy. By revealing the functions of their abilities, the characters are effectively helping the enemy regain their composure and focus all of their energy on a single point instead of being disoriented trying to figure out what is going on if knowledge of ones abilities were kept secret until the end.

Bleach chapter 608 - Ichibei's wrath

It is going to be interesting to see how Yhwach will overcome Ichibei

Ichibei telling Yhwach that Ichimonji causes anything caught under its affect to lose its name, may just end up coming up back to ruin Ichibei in the end once Yhwach figures out a way around Ichibei’s powers.

Even though the battle looks clearly one-sided at the moment, Yhwach still has a ton of powers and abilities up his sleeve which he will likely use to counter the effects of Ichibei’s attacks. Still, looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how this battle will conclude.

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