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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 94-96 – Surpassing The “Season”

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Shokugeki no Soma chapter 95 - Souma's plan

In order to surpass Akira and Ryou he will surpass the “Season”

I’m beginning to wonder if Akira and Ryou are even human, especially after they keep revealing just how inhuman the feats they achieve are. Choosing the freshness of an ingredient by instinct and smell? I feel sorry for any normal person that has to go up against them in the future =(. Thankfully though, Souma has a skill-set of his own that is equally as inhuman, his ability to creatively cut through any wall that stands to block him. I was wondering how Souma would go about balancing the advantage Akira and Ryou have over him when it comes to the ability of judging the freshness of an ingredient. And as we have all come to love, Souma once again goes about defying the logic of expectation and opens the door of innovation many fail to even perceive. I am incredibly excited to see where this decision by Souma will lead and how it will stand up against Akira and Ryou’s dishes.

To overcome his weakness in judging relative to Akira and Ryou by changing the way he goes about handling and preparing the Pacific Saury. What an audacious decision he arrived at, to utilise a method of cooking he has hardly any experience in. But it makes sense that an entirely different way of approaching the preparation of the Pacific Saury dish would need to be considered if he were to stand a fighting chance against Akira and Ryou who have had years of experience on top of their natural ability to judge the freshness of an ingredient.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 96 - Akira and Ryou

Guess the two of them were concerned about what Souma has planned after all

Akira and Ryou did state that they didn’t consider Souma a challenge for the Autumn Election finals as he was lacking in his ability to judge the freshness of an ingredient, but deep in the back of their mind, they were still worried about what Souma would end up doing. Their curiosity over what Souma could have planned when he wasn’t at the Riverside Fish Market the morning of the finals expressed just how concerned Akira and Ryou are of Souma. I am incredibly interested to see their reactions of how Souma chose to prepare his Pacific Saury. It is going to be fantastic seeing Souma shock not only Akira and Ryou but the entire stadium with his ability to endlessly innovate any type of ingredient and create something notably original.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 96 - Souma in thought

In search of an idea…

I have said this before, but I just find it incredible how Souma is able to use all the knowledge and skills he has gained from his past mistakes and defeats as well as from other chefs and combine it all together in a way that allows him to transcend the traditional approach to cooking. Souma may not always be successful in what he attempts to achieve, but he is able to use those set-backs to pave a way for himself to get better. The defeats he suffered to Akira and Ryou is definitely paving the way for him to overcome them in the Autumn Election final.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 96 - Akira and Ryou's Pacific Saury

Those naked white blades certainly do look impressive

Still, I am also interested in seeing what dishes Akira and Ryou have prepared for the finals. Will they go about making a name for themselves as well and proving to the professional chefs and heads of the cooking world that the 92nd generation of Tootsuki Academy is a year to closely keep an eye on. Regardless of who ends up winning, I believe all three chefs participating in this final will benefit tremendously from the match about to begin.

I am very much looking forward to seeing how Souma’s unconventional approach to preparing the Pacific Saury will be interpreted by the audience and other finalist. People may initially perceive him as mad, but once they begin to see the method to his madness, it is going to be satisfying seeing them appreciate the level of skill and courage involved in what Souma is attempting to achieve. Can’t wait for the next chapter (I wonder how Erina will react to Souma’s dish =P).

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 96 - Souma's Pacfic Saury

I can’t help but smile with excitement and amusement =)

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  1. This’ll be interesting to see, and a great way to close off the year, can’t wait to see what they all bring out now 😀

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