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One Piece Chapter 769 – Embrace Of Death

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One Piece chapter 769 - Doflamingo VS Law

Doflamingo is quite the guy being able to handle himself with such composure despite having a hole in his abdomen

Even with a hole through his abdomen, Doflamingo still handles himself like nothing is wrong. Either Doflamingo doesn’t feel the injury he just sustained, which is highly unlikely, or Doflamingo is just an incredibly great actor and holds himself in manner that fools his opponent into perceiving that he is fine. Law definitely did manage to injure Doflamingo but Doflamingo is able to read Law so well that when Doflamingo isn’t distracted, he is able to defend against all of Law’s attacks despite his injuries. Doflamingo has been able to regain the flow of the battle and now has Law at his mercy, whom he intends to reward with the embrace of death. With Luffy about to return to the top of the Royal Palace, it will be interesting to see what Doflamingo ends up doing.

Law definitely does have a powerful Devil Fruit, but Doflamingo knows him just too well and what the Ope Ope no Mi is capable of, that he is able to predict what Law is going to do. Only when Doflamingo was distracted with Law revealing that he was a “D” did Doflamingo leave an opening to attack, but now that Doflamingo has regained his composure, any openings Doflamingo seemed to have had has vanished.

One Piece chapter 769 - Doflamingo about to execute Law

What a sadistic man Doflamingo, but I do understand the logic behind his actions

If Doflamingo could defend against Law because he could predict what Law would do, it should be fascinating to see how Doflamingo handles Luffy, someone he can’t predict, when the two of them engage in battle. Doflamingo trained Law and was obsessed with the Ope Ope no Mi, so it is obvious he would have some knowledge of how Law would go about combating him, but Luffy is an entirely different case, he knows nothing about Luffy, illustrated by the failure of Doflamingo’s attempts to contain Luffy inside the Corrida Colosseum. Luffy is also the type of fighter who is driven by instinct allowing him to develop during a battle. The longer the battle goes on, the more comfortable Luffy will become in reading his opponent and reacting to them.

It was great seeing Law remain level-headed when Doflamingo tried to psychologically assault Law with the claim that it was Law who caused Dressrosa and its people to suffer so much. Ultimately Law was correct in stating that knowledge of Doflamingo’s plans wouldn’t have meant stopping Doflamingo from ultimately claiming it. Still, it would have hampered Doflamingo’s plans quite a bit if the Marines had that information to work with thirteen years ago.

One Piece chapter 769 - Law's arm severed

Jigsaw huh, quite the brutal method Doflamingo has in expressing his disagreement in others

Doflamingo severing Law’s right arm was quite brutal, especially seeing Doflamingo joyously prepare himself for the act. The manner in which Doflamingo played with Law expressed exactly how superior Doflamingo thought of himself over Law. Doflamingo further drove that point by preparing to execute Law in the same manner he executed his father and Rosinante. This also expressed Doflamingo’s claim that the weak have no right to choose how they die.

The situation surrounding Bellamy is curious, he understands he made an error in choosing Doflamingo to be the man he looks up to but he still chooses to stand against Luffy. Is this Bellamy’s attempt to invalidate Doflamingo’s claim that the weak have no right to choose how they die? Bellamy understands he was just a puppet to Doflamingo, but right now at the end, he seeks to challenge Luffy and go out in a situation of his choosing. Rather than die as a man who lived according to others, he seeks to die as a man who was free, a man who chose his own end. More than anything, I believe Bellamy is seeking to give meaning to the life he lived through the way he chooses to die.

One Piece chapter 769 - Bellamy

A broken man desperate to give meaning to a life lived…

Bellamy’s demise may just be the final straw that seals Doflamingo’s fate. Over the course of the Dressrosa Arc Luffy has come to have reasons to stand against Doflamingo and all those reasons have slowly been used to flesh out the fate Doflamingo and Luffy share – the contrasting natures the Tenryuubito and the “D” embody. Everything Doflamingo stands for goes against what Luffy represents; sacrificing his crew members, subjugating an entire nation to suffering, stealing the freedom of others, and the most contrasting characteristic – betraying the trust someone has in them. Once the events surrounding Bellamy have ended, Luffy will truly realise the type of man Doflamingo is and the reasons Luffy has to stand against Doflamingo will culminate into action. Actions that will put an end to the years of suffering people have endured at the hands of Doflamingo and his crew.

I am really interested in seeing whether Bellamy will die or if Luffy can show him that there is still worth in continuing to live with the freedom he has just attained realising that he was wrong to look up to Doflamingo. And will Law be able to reattach his arm that has just been severed? Looking forward to the next chapter.

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