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One Piece Chapter 769 – Embrace Of Death

One Piece chapter 769 - Doflamingo VS Law

Doflamingo is quite the guy being able to handle himself with such composure despite having a hole in his abdomen

Even with a hole through his abdomen, Doflamingo still handles himself like nothing is wrong. Either Doflamingo doesn’t feel the injury he just sustained, which is highly unlikely, or Doflamingo is just an incredibly great actor and holds himself in manner that fools his opponent into perceiving that he is fine. Law definitely did manage to injure Doflamingo but Doflamingo is able to read Law so well that when Doflamingo isn’t distracted, he is able to defend against all of Law’s attacks despite his injuries. Doflamingo has been able to regain the flow of the battle and now has Law at his mercy, whom he intends to reward with the embrace of death. With Luffy about to return to the top of the Royal Palace, it will be interesting to see what Doflamingo ends up doing.

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