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Bleach Chapter 607 – Paint It Black

Bleach chapter 607 - Ichimonji

Ichibei unleashes on Yhwach

Of course Yhwach had the ability to restore his power back to normal…What other counters does Yhwach have up his sleeve which he plans to use right after an ability affects him? The fight he is going to have with Ichigo should be quite interesting indeed. Anyway, I was impressed by Ichibei this chapter, I was expecting him to be completely overwhelmed by Yhwach, but it turns out he is actually putting up on decent fight and has Yhwach overwhelmed for the moment. The gleeful Ichibei sure can be frightening when he has an opponent entirely disrespectful of the standards he abides by. Will be fascinating to see how Yhwach ends up overcoming Ichibei, if he does that is.

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