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One Piece Chapter 768 – Doflamingo VS Law

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One Piece chapter 768 - Injection Shot

Law conveying the will of Rosinante through his blade

After the moving flashback we just had it feels good seeing Law take all the emotions he has for Rosinante and channel it through the purpose he inherited from him i.e. to stop Doflamingo. Doflamingo may ultimately be Luffy’s opponent, but having the focus centered around Law and Doflamingo for the moment does serve the purpose of increasing the weight the fateful day thirteen years ago had, for both Law and Doflamingo. Law is using memories of that day to focus his wrath while Doflamingo is becoming unsettled by the day he would like to forget.

Law smartly using his Ope Ope no Mi abilities to counter Doflamingo was great, the very fruit Rosinante sacrificed his life to get for Law is being used to unravel Doflamingo and all his plans. It seems fitting that the Devil Fruit Doflamingo craves so much is being used to destroy both him and the plans he put in motions over the past 15 years. Rosinante may not have prevented Doflamingo from being unleashed into the world thirteen years ago, but since that moment he died, Law has done everything in his power to stop Doflamingo and in the present moment, Doflamingo is very much close to the precipice of defeat.

One Piece chapter 768 - the battles across Dressrosa

The battles across Dressrosa

Viola scanning the many battles across Dressrosa and summarising them was a good touch to set-up the story for the next few chapters. It may have been uneventful but that summary served to lay all the players of the arc out which in turn will highlight the developments that are about to take place. The camaraderie being forged between the Straw Hat Pirates and the supporting characters relevant in this arc as they stand against the Donquixote Pirates is being built up as a relationship that will last long after this arc has ended (potential allies against the Yonko?). Viola’s summary of the other battles helps to remind the reader that those battles and the characters featuring in them are also relevant to the story. It may not be as relevant as the Doflamingo and Law battle, but a few panels focusing on the others was necessary. We also got to learn that Dellinger in a half-fishman of fighting fish descent through that summary, as well as the epithet’s of the other Donquixote Pirates.

One Piece chapter 768 - the deciding moment draws near

The climax is fast approaching

Robin leaving Gladius to Cavendish and Bartolomeo as she heads up the Royal Palace Plateau was surprising although expected after Law expressed to Doflamingo that he was a “D”. Robin is entirely relevant to the subject matter Law and Doflamingo are now discussing – “The Will of D” and the Tenryuubito – so it makes complete sense that Robin be present during such a discussion when information Robin may not find on any Poneglyph is revealed. Robin may just find some clues regarding “The Will of D” in the conversation Doflamingo has with Law.

I am also confident that Robin will be featured in a battle this arc. Half the Straw Hats are out of focus this arc and I don’t believe Oda will miss out on this opportunity to highlight Robin in a major battle which she has been lacking since the Skypiea Arc. Future arcs may be too busy for her to get an opportunity like this again. Robin has left Gladius to Cavendish and Bartolomeo and is heading up the Royal Palace Plateau. The only Donquixote Pirates higher up the Plateau are Diamante, Trebol and Doflamingo. Out of those three, only Trebol is available to battle as Diamante will be defeated by Kyros (and potentially Rebecca) and Doflamingo will be defeated by Luffy and Law. Also given that Zoro’s battle with Pica, Franky’s battle with Senor Pink and Usopp’s battle with Sugar were resumed, it makes sense for the same to happen with Robin – her battle with Trebol in the Underground Trading Port was interrupted by Hajrudin. Also it is inevitable that Luffy will resume his battle with Doflamingo.

One Piece chapter 768 - the will of D

The relevance of “D”

Trebol may be a Logia, but that doesn’t mean someone like Robin can’t defeat him. Regardless of whether Robin has Haki or not, there are other ways to injure a Logia and defeat them – shown when Luffy defeated Crocodile and Enel without Haki. Robin taking down Trebol will go a long way in highlighting and developing her character and her capabilities in combat which haven’t been focused on much after her battle with Yama. At the very least, it is essential, or so I believe, that Robin be present during the conversation Doflamingo and Law are about to have.

Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing Law convey Rosinante’s will through his blade and actions. Will be interesting to see where Luffy is as despite this chapter highlighting everyone else, it omitted to focus on him =P.

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