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Bleach Chapter 606 – Impending Danger

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Bleach chapter 606 - the Visored meet with Kisuke

Glad to see the Visored again

My goodness, wherever Kisuke threads, a mass wave of mystery follows, just what exactly is he up to and what does he have planned? I’m confident that Kisuke does genuinely rely on Ichigo but based on the conversation Kisuke and Hiyori had there are certain things he seems to have omitted sharing with Ichigo. My guess would be the energy balance between the dimensions being out of sync and posing some form of danger to the worlds. Hiyori was investigating the distortion between Soul Society and the Human World, so it would make sense if the context of the conversation she had with Kisuke was concerning such a matter. Still, I find it interesting that Hiyori believes Ichigo doesn’t stand a chance against the enemy at the Soul King Palace O.o.

Regardless of what Hiyori conveyed, Ichigo’s arrival will be probably be what prevents Yhwach from reaching the Soul King. Ichibei while currently overwhelming Yhwach, will ultimately end up falling. Hiyori may have valid concerns about Ichigo and Yoruichi’s safety as she does seem to be taking the enemy seriously, but she does seem to be underestimating Ichigo who has gone through a major transformation after he was liberated with the truth concerning his mother and her Quincy roots. Right now Ichigo has a reason to stop Yhwach and won’t go down that easily.

It will be interesting to see how Inoue and Sado will come in use once they arrive at the Soul King Palace. Will they try to help Uryuu? Or will they have to defend themselves against him?

Bleach chapter 606 - Shihouin Yuushirou

Shihouin Yuushirou (Yoruichi’s younger sister)

Yoruichi, so she had a sister, how surprising and at the same time expected. Yoruichi’s background has been kept in the dark for a long time, but I have always wondered who ended up taking command of the Shihouin House once she left Seireitei with Kisuke. Glad to see we have that mystery cleared up, her younger sister, Yuushirou, took command of the Shihouin House once Yoruichi left with Kisuke. The items Yuushirou brought to help her sister does intrigue me, are there weapons and/or armor for Yoruichi?

Ichibei, Ichibei, Ichibei, did you really have to tell Yhwach exactly what your ability did to his arm and his body? Couldn’t you have kept silent and let him sweat himself worrying about what exactly happened to him? But that is impossible now with Ichibei spilling all the beans and telling Yhwach that his brush cuts not flesh but the “essence” of the name instead.

Bleach chapter 606 - Yhwach VS Ichibei

Why do characters reveal how their abilities work to their enemies?

Yhwach abilities may have been halved with that attack by Ichibei but he will still end up overwhelming Ichibei. One really does have to wonder why no one has been able to stop Yhwach, I guess it is because no one know exactly how Yhwach abilities functions let alone what they are. Instead all those who challenged Yhwach and revealed the functioning of their abilities ended up defeated. Hopefully when Ichigo arrives there will be less talk and more slashing.

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