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One Piece Chapter 767 – You Are Free

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One Piece chapter 767 - The inevitable confrontation

Even though they are brothers, their beliefs force them to oppose each other

The heart is but a fragile existence; grand in its capacity to feel but vulnerable in its ability to comprehend the pain overwhelming it. Subject to the corroding touch of the world’s madness, the heart reacts in a manner unique to each bearer. Such is the case with the story between two brothers and their contrasting interpretations of the madness they were victims of as young boys. One became consumed by it and chose to embrace it; the other traumatized by it, chose to rise above it. In the end, their choices and the life of a young boy led them to opposing each other.

It is a numbing sensation overwhelming me, my heart wants to cry but it can’t help but smile at the radiance Rosinante emitted as he forced himself from death’s grasp in order to stay alive long enough to give Law enough time to escape the Donquixote Pirates. That expression of will power and love was nothing short of inspirational and I can’t help but feel myself overcome with joy when seeing someone fight so hard to protect and save someone they love.

Rosinante may have been clumsy and peculiar at times, but those were the very moments that highlighted his character and made him so charming and memorable. Because he was so imperfect and clumsy, it made the love he had for Law stand out that much more. I don’t blame Rosinante for not having it in him to harm Doflamingo as he couldn’t hurt his one and only brother in the end. It is that compassion which Rosinante does feel that makes him the lovable character that he is. It is just a sad fate that a family was brought to ruin because of the unfortunate circumstances they were subjected to.

One Piece chapter 767 - Doflamingo's revenge

Doflamingo’s revenge…

Doflamingo being tortured by those resentful of the Tenryuubito was what gave him reason to oppose the world so strongly, but it was him killing his father that triggered his heart in closing off. All the confusion and negativity overwhelming Doflamingo as a boy brought him to a state where all he could think about was regaining that which he believed he was entitled to – his Tenryuubito status. It was at that time he met Vergo, who became his loyal subordinate, and Trébol, who in someway aided him in gaining the necessary strength to take his revenge. At this point it can be argued that what Trébol meant by strength could be the pistol Doflamingo used to kill his father. Trébol may be the one who gave Doflamingo the Ito Ito no Mi, but given the context of the discussion of strength just preceding the scene of Doflamingo pulling a pistol on his father, it seems likely that what Trébol provided Doflamingo was the gun. What is certain though is that Doflamingo had awakened his Haoshoku Haki at that time, which probably became the reason for Vergo and Trébol becoming so interested in Doflamingo.

One Piece chapter 767 - Homing's last words

A fathers last words to his two boys

Homing’s last words to Rosinante and Doflamingo hit me hard, I can’t think badly of what Homing’s decision led towards when he genuinely expressed his regret and sorrow for causing them so much pain and suffering. What a sad moment it was that a loving father such as Homing had to say such a thing to his children. Homing may have been naive and optimistic regarding his view of living like a normal human, but he was not wrong, he represented the change that could take place within the world regarding the Tenryuubito and normal people coming together. Unfortunately the circumstances Homing and the rest of the Donquixote Family found themselves in was a reality more grim than one could expect. Donquixote Homing’s decision could have served to bring the Tenryuubito and normal people closer together but in the end it only served to widen the divide between two groups of people who belong to the same race…

One Piece chapter 767 - X Drake

Looks like Dory is X Drake

We finally get confirmation that the character Dory/Dorry is in fact a young X Drake as many had suspected from previous chapters. With the “X” scar on Dory’s chin being revealed by Oda, any doubt concerning Dory being X Drake has been removed. Having indirectly aided in Law’s escape from Doflamingo (making Rosinante’s claim of Law boarding a Marine Ship more believable), I wonder what plans Oda has in place for X Drake and his role within the future story of One Piece. And does Drake have any negativity towards Doflamingo for killing Diez Barrels?

One Piece chapter 767 - Rosinante makes his location known

What a guy Rosinante, I will miss you dearly, /tear

The manner in which Rosinante made his location known to Gladius was hilarious, he never fails to make one smile, but how sad it was that he had to force himself to be captured in order to create an opportunity for Law to escape. Rosinante understood the Donquixote Pirates perfectly, he knew exactly where their blind spot was and how to exploit it to give Law a chance to escape them. It wasn’t pleasant seeing Gladius take his frustration out on an already beaten Rosinante, so I’m hoping in the present story, Robin, Bartolomeo and Cavendish mess him up good.

The confrontation between Rosinante and Doflamingo was inevitable and it also served as an embodiment of the cruel fate that surrounds the both of them. For brothers who shared the same pain to have ended up in such a situation, it is a sorrowful thing indeed. Why is Doflamingo’s perspective of the world so different from that of Rosinante’s and his fathers? I’m sure his mother was also a kind-hearted women, so why is Doflamingo such a heartless man?

One Piece chapter 767 - Rosinante reveals himself a Marine

Rosinante really did love Law

The brief focus we had on Sengoku (as a Vice-Admiral?) saving a young Rosinante and taking him along with him was great. Rosinante’s decision to become a Marine most likely was due to Sengoku. Rosinante stating his Marine Code and that he was a Marine Commander I’m sure was for Law’s benefit as Rosinante did lie to him before about being a Marine and used this last opportunity he had to apologise to Law under the guise of him appearing to reveal it to Doflamingo. Law may not have understood the significance of Rosinante’s apology in that moment, but I am certain he became aware of its value some point afterward. The apology of a man who truly loved him that he would lie to protect and save him.

Rosinante’s bluff that Law escaped Birdcage and boarded a Marine Ship was a bold one, but to think that it would gain the support of a completely unrelated development (Dory being taken in by the Marines), how incredibly fortuitous. This certainly makes up for the bad luck Law had when he ran into Vergo. With Doflamingo finding out that Law had consumed the Ope Ope no Mi, the attachment Doflamingo had with Law was created. It also explains why Doflamingo tried so hard to get Law to join his crew. Rather than perceive Law as a brother to him, with Law now being the user of the Ope Ope no Mi, Doflamingo saw him entirely as a sacrifice to make himself stronger. Upon hearing that, Law understood exactly where he stood in Doflamingo’s eyes.

One Piece chapter 767 - The final smile

The final smile…

It was hard seeing Law struggle inside the treasure chest when he found out that Doflamingo would kill Rosinante. In addition to understanding the Donquixote Pirates, Rosinante understood his older brother perfectly and knew he would die when he lied to Law and told him Doflamingo wouldn’t kill his one and only true brother. Once again Rosinante lied to Law in order to protect and save him. Rosinante also made sure that the final memory Law had of him was one with him smiling and expressing just how much he loves Law. That final memory definitely became a memorable one to Law and the source of inspiration.

One Piece chapter 767 - Rosinante dies

As the warmth of life fades into the embrace of snow, the tears of a boy anguishing over the life of a friend express the love he has for his savior

More than a conversation with Doflamingo, I feel Rosinante was desperately trying to tell Law that despite what will happen from here on out after he is gone, Law has triumphed over his illness and the despair that overwhelmed him and right now he is free to move forward into the future unrestricted by the shackles of the past.

And to see him off, Rosinante left him with a memory of a smile embodying the happiness and joy their time together represented as well as the protection of his touch, which he forced to remain active until the time Law was able to escape from the Donquixote Pirates. With Law free, Rosinante was finally able to accept the silent and undiscriminating embrace of death. Ending it all with a smile on his face.

Farewell Cora-san.

One Piece chapter 767 - Solo Journey of Jinbe, Knight of the Sea Vol. 13

The missing offerings

The Solo Journey of Jinbe, Knight of the Sea continues this chapter and involves him being led to the Sea Shrine by one of the locals which the town uses to make their offerings. As for what purpose the offerings serve, one can only wonder and speculate at this point, but given that the ruins of the Sea Cats town has crumbled over Port Town and a number of angry Sea Monsters have gotten violent in the waters near the town, something definitely is about to happen.

I do have a theory that the cover story is building up towards a New World Cyclone forming and the events of the Sea Cats town being displaced and the Sea Monsters becoming angered are all precursors to the event. But given the focus on the offerings, I do wonder what purpose it serves and where it ended up disappearing to. Possibly it was offerings by the town to wish for calm seas and good weather.

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