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Bleach Chapter 605 – Ichibei VS Yhwach

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Bleach chapter 605 - Ichibei VS Yhwach

Seeing Yhwach so surprised by Ichibei’s attack was quite pleasant, too bad Yhwach isn’t destined to be defeated until Ichigo appears and does so…

I’ve been wondering how Aizen will end up being used in this final arc and it seems Kyouraku heading to Central 46 is heavily implying that he intends to have Aizen freed or at least temporarily aid in the defense against the Sternritter invasion on the Soul King Palace. It should be interesting to see what Aizen ends up doing when he is told that Yhwach is on his way to annihilate the Soul King. Despite Ichibei standing against Yhwach and holding him off, it is inevitable that Ichibei won’t end up stopping Yhwach. But thankfully, his efforts are buying Ichigo valuable time to arrive at the Soul King Palace.

I didn’t really get what Ukitake was doing with the massive eye his shadow formed and the statement he made concerning the “kamikake”. I look forward to seeing what developments will be brought about from Ukitake’s actions.

Bleach chapter 605 - Ukitake

Just what is Ukitake doing?

Ichibei does seem incredibly powerful, but did he really need to express verbally to Yhwach exactly how his ability works? He pretty much informed Yhwach that there is a limitation to his abilities effect – that 1000-ri range. Hopefully Ichibei limits the information he shares with Yhwach to just that and keep silent to how any of his other abilities function and the limitations they possess.

Got to hand it to Yhwach, he managed to nullify the pushback effect of Ichibei’s strike by shooting himself with an arrow. Smart of him to use the momentum of his arrow to stop himself from being blown away. Still, there is the issue that his body has just been pierced by an arrow, a big one at that. Will Yhwach be able to fight normally having injured himself? Of course the answer is yes, but I am intrigued as to how much he is affected by the injury he has just inflicted on himself.

Ichibei should just send Yhwach flying again and force Yhwach to shoot himself with an arrow again. If Ichibei can repeat such a process, the arc wouldn’t even have any need for Ichigo to finish things off. A shame such a thing won’t happen. I am really looking forward to seeing how Sado, Inoue, Ganju and Yoruichi are going to be included in these final battles, hopefully they get a chance to showoff and kick some ass rather than be grossly overshadowed by Ichigo taking on Yhwach.

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