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Bleach Chapter 605 – Ichibei VS Yhwach

Bleach chapter 605 - Ichibei VS Yhwach

Seeing Yhwach so surprised by Ichibei’s attack was quite pleasant, too bad Yhwach isn’t destined to be defeated until Ichigo appears and does so…

I’ve been wondering how Aizen will end up being used in this final arc and it seems Kyouraku heading to Central 46 is heavily implying that he intends to have Aizen freed or at least temporarily aid in the defense against the Sternritter invasion on the Soul King Palace. It should be interesting to see what Aizen ends up doing when he is told that Yhwach is on his way to annihilate the Soul King. Despite Ichibei standing against Yhwach and holding him off, it is inevitable that Ichibei won’t end up stopping Yhwach. But thankfully, his efforts are buying Ichigo valuable time to arrive at the Soul King Palace.

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