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One Piece Chapter 766 – Memories Of The Heart

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One Piece chapter 766 - Rosinante and the Ope Ope no Mi

Always making a bad situation positive, Rosinante is such a lovable character

What a mellow feeling I have overwhelming me seeing Rosinante pull Law out from the hell he was cast into and knowing that Rosinante will make the ultimate sacrifice to save Law. Forsaking his own life and future, Rosinante put every ounce of his will into making sure Law was able to cure himself of the Amber Lead poison in his body and be able to escape the birdcage Doflamingo entrapped the people on Minion inside. It is an almost numbing feeling, I want to be sad that Rosinante’s life is about to end, but the heart-warming sacrifice he is making to save a boy traumatized by consuming suffering is just too moving to not admire and want to smile, especially after that last panel. That final smile of Rosinate’s definitely burned itself into Law’s memory just as it did for the reader.

I am surprised the Marines were so brazen in their attempts to capture Doflamingo, did they not expect that Doflamingo would exercise some caution and not just land on Swallow Island to be captured by the Marines? At the very least the Marines should have disguised their ship so it wasn’t so obvious that there were Marines waiting in the waters near Swallow Island. It practically made it obvious to Doflamingo what was going down. It is a shame honestly, they had a golden opportunity to stop and capture the Donquixote Pirates. The citizens of Dressrosa really do need to be pitied as because the Marines were unable to capitalize on such a great opportunity, the Dressrosa citizens were the ones who ultimately suffered at the hands of the Donquixote Pirates. Thirteen years later and it comes down a group of pirates to stop the tyrannical King Doflamingo from destroy a nation.

One Piece chapter 766 - Information on Doflamingo's plans

So even back then Doflamingo had plans to take over Dressrosa

Rosinante even after being shot several times, pushed himself with pure survival instinct to get the Ope Ope no Mi to Law and have him consume it. He was willing to sacrifice his own life to save the life of a boy who was once lost in darkness. The contrasting nature he has towards his older brother, Doflamingo, and towards the rest of the Tenryuubito only serve to make Rosinante’s character stand out more from the background he is associated with. How can the Tenryuubito range from being such demons to being saints willing to give up their own lives to save that of another person. Thanks to Rosinante, I now know that it is possible for a Tenryuubito to be more than what the rest of the Tenryuubito have revealed they are so far through the story of One Piece.

One Piece chapter 766 - Vergo unleashes on Rosinante

The pay back Law unleashed on Vergo feels so much more satisfying now

It is almost too cruel seeing Law just saved from the clutches of death of the Amber Lead poison to be met with the embrace of death once again in the form of the undercover spy Vergo. Of all the Marines Law could have run into and given the document containing vital information to save Dressrosa, it had to be the one whom was associated with the Donquixote Pirates. Not only did Law end up leading Vergo to Rosinante, but the events also led to Doflamingo casting birdcage over Minion. The guilt Law feels must be agonising, to be saved yet know that he has some responsibility in the events Doflamingo is about to unleash on Dressrosa. It seems fitting that he has become a key figure in bringing down Doflamingo’s current operations and helping liberate Dressrosa from his sadistic rule.

One Piece chapter 766 - SMILE

That smile…/tear

Even though Rosinante is about to die, I can’t help but smile at the way he has chosen to go out, passionately opposing Doflamingo until the end and making sure that at least one of the cards Doflamingo seeks to possess is removed from his range. I look forward to the next chapter while preparing my heart for the tragedy that is about to unfold on Minion.

The cover page of this chapter was fantastic, I love how Oda-sensei paid homage to the Naruto manga with it. I was wondering why the Straw Hat Jolly Roger was featured in the last page of the Naruto chapter, but it all makes sense now, both the mangaka went out of their way to express their respect for each other through the chapters of their manga this week. The hidden message Oda-sensei placed in the cover page to Naruto was beautiful – “Naruto otsukaresan deshita” ( “Naruto, good job after working so long”). There are many other great references made in the cover page, such as Naruto being featured and the characters of One Piece that appear in the page making up the name Naruto – (NAmi, RUffy and TOny Tony Chopper = NARUTO).

One Piece chapter 766 - cover page

So many great references to Naruto in this cover page

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