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Naruto Chapter 700 – Uzumaki Naruto [END]

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Naruto chapter 700 - Final Chapter

It has finally come, the final chapter of Naruto and I can’t help but feel satisfied with Naruto as a series after this conclusion

And so the story known as Naruto has come to an end and what an enjoyable end it was, so much so that I was able to forget any negativity I had towards the manga and just appreciate the end for what it was – a wonderful conclusion. Seeing all the characters grown up and adults was satisfying, it was also amusing to see the relationships certain characters entered into and their children. The chapter being all in colour was an absolute treat, Kishimoto-sensei really went all out on it and the love he had for his series completely showed in this final chapter. Thank you Kishimoto-sensei, thank you very much!

Naruto and Hinata, seeing as I was hoping the two would end up together, I am overjoyed that Naruto was able to acknowledge Hinata’s love for him and return it in kind. The two children they have – Bolt and Himawari – are cute, I especially like the whisker marks they have on their face, you can instantly recognise them as Naruto’s kids =D. Bolt himself was amusing, he definitely is a mini-Naruto and the way he goes about trying to get his father’s attention is exactly the same as how Naruto went about getting the attention of others in the village when he was younger. Sakura and Sasuke’s daughter, Salad, taking an interest in Bolt was amusing, hopefully Bolt does realise the feelings Salad has for him some point in his future =P.

Naruto chapter 700 - Naruto and Bolt

Looks like Naruto matured into becoming a great father as well

It is weird seeing such fantastical scenes, it almost doesn’t feel real that such events actually happened in the story seeing as a chapter ago, the war had just ended and the infinite Tsukiyomi was dispelled. But reality is that this chapter is canon and the future of Naruto does look like this which makes this satisfying feeling inside me feel even more satisfied.

Even though the secondary characters of Naruto may not have completely relevant within the story of the Uchiha and Senju conflict, at the very least at the end of Naruto, the secondary characters that made the manga such an enjoyable and fun read are relevant. Seeing the different characters grown up and some now being parents was definitely a happy moment. I just can’t help but smile when I see them still being themselves but existing within a peaceful future. They journey they all went through in the manga was worthwhile.

Naruto chapter 700 - The Five Kage Summit

Excited doesn’t begin to express the satisfaction induced by this scene – I would have loved to find out what happens next for Naruto =P

Seeing the new Kages gathered was an epic moment, I had wondered who would have succeeded the previous Kages and it seems the expected choices were the right ones – Darui as the Fifth Raikage, Kurotsuchi as the Fourth Tsuchikage, Choujuurou as the Sixth Mizukage, Gaara remaining as the Fifth Kazekage and Naruto as the Seventh Hokage. It would have been interesting to see what Naruto had wanted to discuss with the rest of the Kages, but ending the manga there on such a positive and epic note was perfect. Even Kurama being included in the final panel was fantastic.

One thought on “Naruto Chapter 700 – Uzumaki Naruto [END]

  1. I’m glad they at least wrapped Naruto up nicely, with my favorite pairing of HinataxNaruto (I will be watching the last movie now to see how this relationship progressed)… plus I hope it allows you more time to catch up on Seven Deadly Sins and Shokugeki 😀

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