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Naruto Chapter 700 – Uzumaki Naruto [END]

And so the story known as Naruto has come to an end and what an enjoyable end it was, so much so that I was able to forget any negativity I had towards the manga and just appreciate the end … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 699 – “Shinobi”

It is quite unbelievable but prior to this chapter I was feeling detached and uninspired by the way Naruto was concluding and how the Naruto and Sasuke battle fitted in with the rest of the story, but just through this … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 604 – Empowerment

I wonder why the Sternritter were so surprised when Yhwach deemed them unnecessary and began to sacrifice them for those he does deem worthy. The Sternritter were probably around long enough to realise what type of person Yhwach was, especially … Continue reading

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