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Naruto Chapter 700 – Uzumaki Naruto [END]

Naruto chapter 700 - Final Chapter

It has finally come, the final chapter of Naruto and I can’t help but feel satisfied with Naruto as a series after this conclusion

And so the story known as Naruto has come to an end and what an enjoyable end it was, so much so that I was able to forget any negativity I had towards the manga and just appreciate the end for what it was – a wonderful conclusion. Seeing all the characters grown up and adults was satisfying, it was also amusing to see the relationships certain characters entered into and their children. The chapter being all in colour was an absolute treat, Kishimoto-sensei really went all out on it and the love he had for his series completely showed in this final chapter. Thank you Kishimoto-sensei, thank you very much!

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Naruto Chapter 699 – “Shinobi”

Naruto chapter 699 - Shinobi

This chapter took me a journey through Sasuke’s heart and allowed me to open up and gain a deeper appreciation for Sasuke as a character

It is quite unbelievable but prior to this chapter I was feeling detached and uninspired by the way Naruto was concluding and how the Naruto and Sasuke battle fitted in with the rest of the story, but just through this chapter, all those mixed emotions I had concerning the end of the Naruto came together and connected. This chapter dispelled the confusion I had towards the way Naruto was ending and put me in a state of mind where I could do nothing else but love the way Naruto was concluding. Sasuke expressing his true feelings was definitely the highlight for this chapter for me, it revealed a whole new dimension to his character I had never seen before and I found myself loving how he came around full circle again after his journey through the story of Naruto.

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Bleach Chapter 604 – Empowerment

Bleach chapter 604 - Yhwach

Will Yhwach finally be tested?

I wonder why the Sternritter were so surprised when Yhwach deemed them unnecessary and began to sacrifice them for those he does deem worthy. The Sternritter were probably around long enough to realise what type of person Yhwach was, especially seeing as they were around long enough to put their belief in him. Yhwach was pretty transparent in how he does things, if he doesn’t agree with something, he makes sure he is heard out, so it was expected that when he came to the conclusion that the Sternritter aren’t doing what he expected, he would put into motion a plan to remedy that and in this case it was transferring the power he bestowed on the Sternritter to those he deems worthy. With the Royal Guard on the back-foot, it seems like a great moment for Ichigo and Co. to show up and utilise some Hollow power to combat the power-up Sternritter.

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