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Fairy Tail Chapter 405-406 – The Fury Of Mard Geer

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Fairy Tail chapter 406 - Mard Geer, the Dark King

Overwhelming and overpowering, Mard Geer showcases his terrifying strength

Interesting, so Mard Geer does have some bite to back his bark, I was worried for a moment there that him being too overconfident in his abilities would let him get complacent during his battle with the Dragon Slayers and ultimately have his perception of humans erupt into flames. Still that may happen, but it looks like Natsu and Co. will need to come up with some drastic strategy to even begin to get Mard Geer serious. I wonder if Mard Geer will even be defeated this arc or whether it will conclude with the Face plan failing and Mard Geer retreating with E.N.D.

I am curious to learn what happened in the past concerning Mard Geer and the last time the emotion of “fury” arose in him. Did it have something to do with the Dragons and/or the Celestial Spirit King? And more importantly, what exactly are the limits to Mard Geer’s powers? He managed to entertain Natsu, Sting and Rogue a bit while easily taking on all their attacks and effortlessly managed to turn a hopeful situation into a hopeless one for Natsu and Co. But I do suppose since the battle has just begun and Natsu, Sting and Rogue have yet to unleash their full abilities as Dragon Slayers, this fight is far from over.

Fairy Tail chapter 405 - The Children of Dragons - colour by hyugasosby (http://hyugasosby.deviantart.com)

The Dragon Slayers VS The Dark King – colour by hyugasosby

One thing about Mard Geer that had me curious is his ability to absorb Sting and Rogue’s light and dark magic, I wonder how exactly he does it and whether it can be used as a way to damage Mard Geer and/or weaken him. It does seem a bit odd that a demon is able to absorb magic, but given the exact relationship between demons and mages hasn’t been explored fully, I guess it may not be that odd =/. Still, there must be some trick to Mard Geer being able to tank all of the Dragon Slayers attacks beside him just being that much more powerful than them.

The cliff hanger of chapter 406 caught me off guard completely, I was definitely not expecting to see Marvis’s body inside a crystal. To think that Marvis’s body is in fact Lumen Histoire, how intriguing and fascinating. I am curious to see how her body will be used as a “weapon” to combat the imminent danger of the Magic Pulse Bombs going off around the continent and nullifying all magic. Will Marvis have to be reawakened from her state inside the crystal? The story behind how Marvis became the Lumen Histoire should be interesting.

Fairy Tail chapter 406 - Lumen Histoire

Lumen Histoire, the secret revealed…

I am still wondering if Mard Geer will be defeated this arc or whether his plan to nullify all  magic around the continent will be stopped forcing him to retreat back into the shadows and find another way to revive E.N.D. I suppose E.N.D. could be revived despite the Face plan failing to remove magic from the continent. There is also the connection Natsu and E.N.D. have and Igneel’s statement of Natsu being the only one able to defeat E.N.D. With the climax of the arc approaching, I am looking forward to seeing how this arc concludes and where the story from go from there.

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