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Naruto Chapter 698 – The Fated Battle: Naruto

Naruto Chapter 698 - Naruto and Sasuke

With everything they have, they collide

One really does have to admire Naruto’s determination and guts to never stay down and give up, despite a situation seeming improbable and hopelessly devoid of any hope, he still manages to back himself and commit himself to the decision he has made. And through that belief he has in himself, he ultimately does find a path forward. Life itself can be filled with such despair that in those moments you can’t help but feel empty, numb and just plain depressed, so I have always seen Naruto’s ability to rise above his worries and continue forward with such energy as inspiring. Naruto grew up in tragic circumstances, but the way in which he embraced the situation instead of having it consume him has been one of the qualities in Naruto that I have truly admired. I guess deep down Sasuke also respected such qualities in Naruto and came to connect with him.

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Bleach Chapter 603 – REVIVAL

Bleach chapter 603 - Revival

Of course Yhwach could do that…

And I thought it was over, how wrong I was. Yhwach’s “Elite Force” is far from defeated it seems, all thanks to Yhwach reviving them. None of the Sternritter in the Elite Force impressed me, so seeing them get up to receive another beating isn’t all that exciting, although I wonder now with Yhwach reviving them if they are stronger and/or unable to die =/. It is going to be interesting to see how explains exactly what happened and whether Yhwach can continue reviving his “Elite Force” when they are down.

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