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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 90 – Into The Fire

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 90 - Akira vs Ryou

Who will face Souma in the final? The battle begins…

So it begins, the battle to determine the chef who ends up facing Souma in the Autumn Election final. Both Ryou and Akira have shown themselves to be incredibly talented chefs who have different styles of cooking and ways of approaching challenges, so whoever wins, the battle they will have with Souma in the Autumn Election final should certainly be grand and epic.

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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 83-89 – Souma VS Subaru

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 89 - What it means to be a chef

Despite the hurdles and despair you face, you continue on because that is what it means to move forward

While some people perceive the way they can move forward through paths that manifest in front of them, Souma is able to transcend such a constructed perception and instead sees an open sky, one in which he is free to go where-ever he desires. That ability of Souma really does make him immensely enjoyable to watch, especially seeing how he takes existing dishes and evolves it further with that unrestrained mind he has.

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