One Piece Chapter 764 – Donquixote Rosinante

One Piece chapter 764 - Rosinante reveals his intentions

I can completely see why Rosinante became such an important to Law now, he is such a lovable character

What an unbelievably lovable character Rosinante is, even though Doflamingo and he suffered through the same childhood, the way they both developed were completely different. Rosinante was able to rise above his rage and move on from the pain inflicted on him by those wanting revenge on the Tenryuubito, Doflamingo on the hand, became consumed by his rage and embraced the madness he saw in humans when they made him suffer, ultimately vowing to return the suffering back onto them. Seeing Rosinante try so hard to save Law, I can’t help but fall in love with his character. Knowing that Doflamingo eventually takes out Rosinante is inducing immense sadness in my heart, what a tragic chapter it will be when Doflamingo kills his own brother.

I love how Rosinante acts all cool when he tells Law that everything he has been doing was a lie, including the fact that he has been acting clumsy, all the while [accidentally] lighting his jacket on fire =P. That clumsiness of Rosinante only adds to his charm and makes his character so much more lovable. The interactions between Law and Rosinante this chapter expressed exactly why Law was able to overcome the hatred he felt and avoid becoming another Doflamingo, because unlike how he was treated in the past, Rosinante treated Law as a human. Law’s escape from darkness has me wondering if Doflamingo had someone like Rosinante near him when he was a child, would he have still become the “monster” he is today? Based on what Rosinante says about Doflamingo being “pure evil” and “not being human”, Doflamingo probably would have ended up the same or similar regardless.

One Piece chapter 764 - Rosinante reveals his intentions

So Rosinante really was staying with the Donquixote Pirates to keep Doflamingo from going too far

The Nagi Nagi no Mi, so Rosinante was a “Silent Human”, able to create “sound” walls that can block out sounds. What a fascinating ability, I wonder if any of the Donquixote Pirates knew – probably not, but if so I wonder what would have happened had Rosinante fallen off the ship into the ocean during one of the Donquixote Pirates journey’s? It should be interesting to see if Oda intends to feature the Nagi Nagi no Mi further in the manga and whether a new character has found themselves coming into possession of the fruit.

Rosinante’s goal was to stay close to Doflamingo and keep his “madness” at bay, which is why he told Law to get away from Doflamingo, because someone with the “D” being so close to Doflamingo would have awoken Doflamingo to his deepest desires i.e. destroying the world. This is also why Law is currently trying to disable all of Doflamingo’s operations, in order for Doflamingo’s “madness” to be reduced to a state where it can’t harm others, the same as Rosinante’s desire for staying with the Donquixote Pirates. I doubt Doflamingo knew what Rosinante actually intended – wanting to help his brother – before he killed Rosinante (if that is what exactly happened), because he currently believes Law’s actions to be motivated by a grudge.

One Piece chapter 764 - Rosinante talks about the "D" One Piece chapter 764 - Rosinante talks about the meaning of "D"

The information concerning the “D” is interesting, so the Tenryuubito consider them “God’s natural enemy” and when a “D” appears and begins to make a name for themselves, the elders of Mariejois mutter “that ‘D’ will surely bring with them another storm”. To the Tenryuubito, the “D” has been built up within their society as their worst enemy. Knowing this and the fact that Luffy, a “D”, has attacked a Tenryuubito, I wonder what the Tenryuubito have decided to do Luffy. What preparations have been made by the Tenryuubito over the two years to counter the threat Luffy poses to them? Surely they haven’t been sitting idly these last two years, especially given the fact that Luffy is a “D”, their natural enemy. I wonder if now we will finally get to see an active Tenryuubito or a group of them wield Devil Fruits and use that power to take on the Straw Hat Pirates.

Vergo being the first Corazon was interesting, I had suspected that but I didn’t really think it was the case, guess I was wrong to dismiss that thought =P. But nice to see Vergo finally in the flashback.

One Piece chapter 764 - Rosinante working with the Marines

This was unexpected…

Fascinating concept of Rocinante working with the Marines and being undercover within the Donquixote Pirates, and Vergo working with the Donquixote Pirates and being undercover within the Marines. Both sides recognise the others threat and have taken steps to ensure they aren’t caught off guard. I wonder if Doflamingo will find out whether Rosinante is working for the Marines and the revelation of that “betrayal” would be the reason Doflamingo decided to kill his younger brother.

One Piece chapter 764 - Rosinante and Law

My heart just melted…

As for Law, it was sad seeing his traumatic past brought back to the surface when the doctors Rosinante took him to reacted by calling Law a “White Monster” and refused to treat him let alone see him. I don’t blame Rosinante for the way he reacted, those dispassionate doctors did deserve it after how they treated Law, a small boy. Rosinante crying for Law because of the pain he sees Law feeling melted my heart, what an unbelievably angelic person Rosinante is. Law realising Rosinante’s true feelings and reacting by calling him Cora-san was great and expresses just why Rosinante was the most important person in the world to Law. I wonder now if the call from Doflamingo is concerning the Ope Ope no Mi and him coming into possession of it. Does he intend Rosinante to consume it (if he is unaware of Rosinante already being a Devil Fruit user)? Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing where the flashback of Law leads towards.

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