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Bleach Chapter 601 – Ohetsu Unleahes

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Bleach chapter 601 - colour spread

Nimaiya Ohetsu is here!

What an incredibly enjoyable chapter, I was growing tired of the Quincy and their fights being stretched excessively over several chapters, thank goodness Ohetsu was on the scene to send several of the remaining Sternritter off to the grave. That failed zanpakutou, Sayabuse, which Ohetsu is using is quite the peculiar zanpakutou, to have such cutting ability that it is basically a ‘one swing, one kill’ blade (for the most part). Askin being alive was great, his character has been established as being a interesting one, so I am glad he will get a moment to be highlighted in his battle against Ohetsu. Will be interesting to see how Ohetsu will handle a guy who just can’t die =/.

Gerard, “the Miracle”, giving us the miracle of an early defeat was one of the most enjoyable parts to the chapter. He didn’t seem like an interesting character and didn’t look like much either, so having him written off abruptly the way he was in this chapter wasn’t such a bad move by Kubo-sensei. In the end, he served to highlight just how amazing Ohetsu’s ‘failed creation’ Sayabuse is.

Bleach chapter 601 - One swing, one kill

One swing, one kill eh? How terrifying…

Lille’s defeat as well serve to highlight the immense cutting ability of Sayabuse, though I wonder if Lille was truly defeated. We see Ohetsu only cut off Lille’s arm, so in all likelihood he could be alive, but the ‘one swing, one kill’ motto of Sayabuse does seem to support the fact that Lille could be fully dead. Whatever the case, Lille wasn’t all that interesting.

Bleach chapter 601 - Lille defeated

No chance…

Pernida “the Compulsory” though, did Kubo-sensei really finish her off before he even introduced her (I’m assuming she is a female), if so, what a bold thing to do. I was quite intrigued by what could be under the hood she was wearing and what exactly her ability is. Here’s to hoping that she is alive and will be the opponent of some other character.

Bleach chapter 601 - Pernida defeated?

Was Pernida really defeated?

Curious to see Yhwach just standing and chilling while his “Elite Force” is taken apart by one man. Does he have that much faith in them or does he really not care what happens to them? Yhwach just standing there will probably come back to bite him big time when Ichigo arrives and starts to pose a real threat to him.

However the scenario currently in focus develops, I am curious to see how the battle between Ohetsu and Askin will turn out. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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