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One Piece Chapter 764 – Donquixote Rosinante

One Piece chapter 764 - Rosinante reveals his intentions

I can completely see why Rosinante became such an important to Law now, he is such a lovable character

What an unbelievably lovable character Rosinante is, even though Doflamingo and he suffered through the same childhood, the way they both developed were completely different. Rosinante was able to rise above his rage and move on from the pain inflicted on him by those wanting revenge on the Tenryuubito, Doflamingo on the hand, became consumed by his rage and embraced the madness he saw in humans when they made him suffer, ultimately vowing to return the suffering back onto them. Seeing Rosinante try so hard to save Law, I can’t help but fall in love with his character. Knowing that Doflamingo eventually takes out Rosinante is inducing immense sadness in my heart, what a tragic chapter it will be when Doflamingo kills his own brother.

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Naruto Chapter 696 – The Fated Battle: Loneliness

Naruto Chapter 696 - Sasuke's darkness

Does he really believe he can save the world by destroying himself?

Sasuke truly was deeply scared by the mechanisations of the Shinobi villages built upon the fear of war and desire for power. Itachi had to bear such a burden, but it was through Itachi’s sacrifice and him being abused by Konoha did Sasuke come to see the consequence of nations being left to operate on their own. In order to prevent another person from suffering the way he did, Sasuke intends to cast himself back into the darkness of loneliness, all the while manipulating the Shinobi nations from conflicting with each other by directing all their hatred and grudges to himself, and he intends to bear with it for eternity.

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Bleach Chapter 601 – Ohetsu Unleahes

Bleach chapter 601 - colour spread

Nimaiya Ohetsu is here!

What an incredibly enjoyable chapter, I was growing tired of the Quincy and their fights being stretched excessively over several chapters, thank goodness Ohetsu was on the scene to send several of the remaining Sternritter off to the grave. That failed zanpakutou, Sayabuse, which Ohetsu is using is quite the peculiar zanpakutou, to have such cutting ability that it is basically a ‘one swing, one kill’ blade (for the most part). Askin being alive was great, his character has been established as being a interesting one, so I am glad he will get a moment to be highlighted in his battle against Ohetsu. Will be interesting to see how Ohetsu will handle a guy who just can’t die =/.

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