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One Piece Chapter 763 – The Madness Of Humans

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One Piece chapter 763 - the madness of humans

When does it end?

It is saddening to see what circumstance can do to individuals and their treatment of others humans. The Tenryuubito molded by their circumstance of being rulers imposed their superiority over others without a care, this is turn molded their victims (normal humans) by the suffering they experienced at the hands of the Tenryuubito. The victims of the Tenryuubito in turn expressed their rage and despair onto the fallen Tenryuubito molding them into vessels of revenge too. The chain of madness embracing humans continues even further towards a seemingly never-ending bottom. Doflamingo, the victim of people’s rage towards the Tenryuubito expressed his rage onto the people of Dressrosa, which in turn made the Dressrosa citizens express their rage and anger onto the Riku Family, namely Rebecca.

I am honestly starting to see the relevance of Rebecca’s character and the uniqueness she embodies. Unlike those shackled by the chains of hate and revenge, Rebecca, subject to the hate carried across many forms and people, she did what many before her were unable to do, she overcame her desires for vengeance. It may be due to her kind-hearted nature, but nevertheless, the hate and darkness she suffered in the Colosseum and at the hands of the Donquixote Pirates didn’t change her, or to be more accurate, it didn’t break her. The Riku Family in general represent a deviation from the chain of madness shackling humans, despite the pain they have suffered, the love they have for their people didn’t break.

One Piece chapter 763 - Saint Holming

Despite the majority of Tenryuubito embracing their superiority, I am sure there are others like Saint Holming desiring to live as normal humans

As for Doflamingo, one really does have to feel for him and his family, in spite of the suffering he has brought about, the past his family and he had to endure due to the grudges of people were incredibly sorrowful. All Doflamingo’s father wanted was to have his family live like normal humans because in the end that’s what they were, but the pain and suffering the Tenryuubito caused to the people were just too great that their victims couldn’t see past their revenge and notice the difference the Donquixote Family embodied when compared to other Tenryuubito. It’s tragic, absolutely tragic that Doflamingo’s father couldn’t show the world that the Tenryuubito are just like them and that there are certain Tenryuubito who understand and accept them. It would have made a considerable step to bridging the gap between the understanding the Tenryuubito and the common man have for one another. But with the chain of madness further extending its reach, the gap of understanding between the Tenryuubito and normal people only widened.

One Piece chapter 763 - the hell of reality One Piece chapter 763 - the hell of reality 2

All Doflamingo knew since leaving Mariejois was the pain of being hunted and being brought to ruin, this shaped him and his understanding of the world. The two extremes of the world Doflamingo experienced warped his perception of it and twisted him into a man who only saw people for the pain they cause to others. And through that pain he believes the true side to people are revealed. This could explain his reasons for bringing Dressrosa to ruin, in order to reveal the “true” side of the citizens. It is also likely possible that Doflamingo feels that the only way people can understand him or be understood by him is to make them experience the same kind of hell he had experienced.

Doflamingo has become an incredibly complex character whom is more than just the villain of a nation and an avatar of pain, he represents a much bigger piece in the story, someone who is also a victim to the madness of the world. To prevent people like Doflamingo from being brought to ruin, what exactly needs to be done? What change needs to take place for the world to move forward and escape the shackles of hate and madness constricting the “freedom” they ultimately have?

One way in which Oda could help lay a foundation for creating a change in the world is having a fallen Tenryuubito join the Straw Hats (the pirate crew who challenged the World Government and attacked the Tenryuubito). Such a development could help signify that despite the differences between the Tenryuubito and common people, it is still entirely possible for the two to work alongside and with each other. Just like how Jinbe joining the crew will help further promote the friendship between Fishmen and Humans, a fallen Tenryuubito joining would help birth the possibility that the Tenryuubito can be understood by normal people and normal people can be understood by the Tenryuubito. Whether or not Oda-sensei takes this route, I will be very interested to see how he chooses to deal with the Tenryuubito story.

One Piece chapter 763 - Trafalgar D. Water Law

The Will of D…

Corazon, who exactly is he? What is his purpose and what does he truly desire? By revealing his ability to talk in order to warn Law, what does Corazon know about the “Will of D” and why is it so dangerous for Law to be around Doflamingo? Just what happened in the past with Corazon to make Doflamingo believe he is mute. And why is Corazon still alive and acting fine despite having been stabbed right through by a dagger? Is it possible that Corazon is in fact “immortal” – did a previous Ope Ope no Mi user perform the Ageless Surgery on him and was it a “D”? Could Corazon have also performed the Ageless Surgery on Law to save him and repay the debt he had with another “D”? There is so much mystery surrounding Corazon’s character and the role he serves.

One Piece chapter 763 - Corazon talks

What do you know Corazon?

I very much look forward to seeing how things develop from here on out. What an excellent chapter that pushed forward some big revelations and made the story this arc even more mysterious and compelling.

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