Naruto Chapter 695 – The Fated Battle: Friends

Naruto chapter 695 - Naruto vs Sasuke

These feelings through their fist

Despite Sasuke understanding Naruto’s feelings for wanting to stop him from returning to darkness and being alone, does the revolution Sasuke envision really mean that much to him that he is willing to ignore both Naruto and his feelings and ultimately discard them? Sasuke doesn’t seem to be taking enjoyment in doing it, but he is willing to kill his own heart in order to fulfil what he believes to be the path to becoming the “true” Hokage and creating a present free from the conflicts and suffering of the past. It is quite tragic that such good friends have to face each other in such a situation because their desires in wanting to create a peaceful world stem from differing and colliding methods.

With each clash and exchange of blows, Naruto and Sasuke communicated their emotions to each other and expressed how they really felt about one another, which is for the both of them feelings being nothing short of friendship. Naruto doesn’t hate Sasuke and Sasuke doesn’t hate Naruto, it is just the differing paths they walk that has led Sasuke to believing that in order to continue walking the path he has chosen to walk along, he must kill Naruto along with his heart.

Naruto chapter 695 - Naruto vs Sasuke 2

It was the pain and suffering they felt that led them to understanding each other and becoming such good friends

Both share pain and loneliness of having lost their family at a young age and both share joy and happiness of having met each other and becoming friends. They have come to understand each other and value each others company, which is why seeing the two of them engage in a battle to the death feels tragic and woeful. Will their time together really end in this way?

How exactly will things end and continue on? Can Naruto truly help Sasuke save himself? Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how the fated battle between friends continue.

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