Bleach Chapter 600 – The Zero Division

Bleach chapter 600 - Nimaiya Ohetsu goes on the offense

Time to unleash!

For a moment I was wondering whether the Royal Guard/Zero Division were all that but with Senjumaru trolling the Sternritter, Kirio entrapping them and Ohetsu challenging them like a badass, I just got my answer. What a satisfying chapter that highlighted the Zero Division being nothing to laugh about, hell now I don’t even mind if they finish off Yhwach’s “Elite” Force before Ichigo and Co. arrive at the scene. With Ohetsu on the scene now, you just know something badass is about to be unleashed.

Had a feeling Senjumaru would pull something to troll the Sternritter when they thought they had actually killed her. What a bunch of fools who fell for her weave illusion, although Yhwach most likely realised what was up the moment Barro seemingly shot her in the head. Based on the close-up we did get of Yhwach’s eye, he didn’t seem impressed by his “Elite” Forces inability to perceive the actuality of what was happening.

Bleach chapter 600 - Senjumaru's weave illusion

An illusion through weaving, how interesting…

Still, that Lille Barro guy sure does fire some powerful reiatsu bullets, it is fortunate that Kirio’s “cage of life” feeds on reiatsu, thereby nullifying his bullets. With reiatsu seemingly useless, I am curious to see what the Sternritter pull to gain the upper-hand in their current situation. Sternritter “C”, the Compulsory has me incredibly intrigued, just what is up with Pernida and her ability to squash/compact matter without the need for physical contact (I’ll just assume she is female for now – how weird will  it be if I am wrong =/). Can Pernida impose her will/desire on her opponent and compel them to follow – make what she desires “compulsory” for them?

Gerard doesn’t really impress me much, is he suppose to be some sort of Captain America rip-off with a cape? Though I do wonder what “miracles” he will be able to produce. Askin on the other hand I am fascinated by, the fact that he has a similar sort of psychological approach to handling his opponents as Mayuri excites me. Askin was able to realise immediately when meeting Mayuri that if they fought, the fight would drag on forcing him to exert himself and try out different attack patterns to find Mayuri’s weakness. It will be very interesting to see how Askin deals with the situation the Sternritter are currently in and how he will handle the Zero Division. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Also congrats to Bleach for reaching 600 chapters!

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