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Fairy Tail Chapter 401-403 – The Light Beyond Form

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Fairy Tail chapter 403 - Erza's five sense nullified

Beyond the five senses…

Reduced to nothingness and numbed of sensation, the world before one turns to darkness, yet within that formless stream of existence and space, the magic of one’s soul manifest into a light connecting their being to the endless depths of the world. Broken down and stripped of her five senses, Erza manifest her spirit into a light capable of residing within the flow of the world, ultimately awakening a sensation beyond form.

Regardless of how incomprehensible the end of the chapter seems, I  believe there is some more depth to it than what is currently being seen. Erza may have lost her five senses and ended up overwhelmed but it is within that broken down form that a new layer of understanding, or sensation to speak of, awoke within Erza’s soul enabling her to get up from her beaten down form and counter Kyouka. Magic itself within Fairy Tail is still largely mysterious but what we do know from the 403 chapters that we have read is that magic is the physical embodiment of the spirit. The spirit forms magic as a product of the connection between the physical spirit of an organism and the spiritual flow of nature.

Fairy Tail chapter 403 - Erza overwhelmed by pain

The chimes of despair echo across the horizon

With Erza reduced to a state where the world before her turned into a formless stream of existence and space, I believe it is within that moment that her spirit/soul still wholeheartedly desiring to continue fighting and walking alongside her nakama manifested itself into a light which connected with the flow and magic of the world/nature. With the inability to use her physical senses to “feel” the world, Erza instinctively connected her spirit to a deeper layer of the spiritual flow of nature and used that to create a sensation(s) to “feel” the world.

It is entirely possible that what Erza achieved was connecting to a deeper layer of the flow of “The One Magic”. The fact that within this arc several main members of Fairy Tail have received power-ups does support the fact that Erza herself could end up receiving one and this could be in the form of connecting closer with the spiritual flow of nature allowing her to access a much deeper level of magic than what she could before.

Natsu himself in the past also displayed a similar feat to having a close affinity with magic beyond his own. Just as Natsu had to nullify all his magic to eat God Flames, Erza found a way to “sense” with all her senses nullified. Her being became a “vessel” for a larger body of magic. I believe that when one is reduced to a state of “nothingness”, they are able to connect closer to the flow of “The One Magic”. Rather than “The One Magic” being a form that resides within darkness or light, it could exist in a form that transcends both aspects of existence.

Fairy Tail chapter 403 - Kyouka's Etherious form

The Kyuukimon’s Slave Star Angel, Kyouka, awakens her Etherious form

Ultimately, with Erza seeing the world through a much deeper perception, this could allow Erza to sever the Organic Link Kyouka has with the Face activation lacrima as it is also a magic. I don’t believe Kyouka will end up dying yet this arc as there does appear to be meaning to the comments Erza made to Kyouka in their earlier fight about ‘making your own decisions and walking your own path‘, otherwise it would have been meaningless for Mashima-sensei to include them there if he intended Kyouka to die with Face activating/being stopped.

Fairy Tail chapter 402 - Igneel vs Acnologia and Natsu vs Mard Geer

The Iron First of Fire convey their burning hearts

Beyond the Erza vs Kyouka battle which I am finding incredibly interesting, the Igneel vs Acnologia and Natsu vs Mard Geer battles are also heating up. The existence of E.N.D. is extremely intriguing, just who or what is it and why is it that Natsu is the only one capable of dealing with E.N.D., what exactly is Natsu’s connection to it? Igneel warning Natsu not to open of the Book of E.N.D. is also incredibly suspicious and ominous. It does feel that Natsu and E.N.D. do share the same fate but are their relations really that close despite there currently being no knowledge of them ever meeting? Whatever the case, I look forward to seeing how this arc will conclude and lead into the next arc.

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