One Piece Chapter 762 – The Flevance Tragedy

One Piece chapter 762 - Law's hate for Corazon

What was the cause that changed everything for these two?

Wow, that was heavy. I never knew Law’s past was such a tragic one and one deeply ingrained alongside the darkness of humanity. No wonder Law’s first appearance as a child in the flashback was one thick with despair and devoid of hope, because at the age of ten, he had already bore witness to and experienced pain beyond that which many would even come close to comprehending. For the Law who discarded everything after he saw his parents shot to death in front of him, his academy friends and mentors killed, and his beloved sister left to die in the hospital which was set on fire, how exactly did that Law end up being saved? What exactly did Corazon do to Law to bring him back from the darkness?

One Piece chapter 762 - Donquixote Pirates

Well many sure did look different in the past than what do they do currently

It was interesting seeing how the Donquixote Pirates looked sixteen years ago and how time changed all of them quite substantially. Except for Vergo, Monet and Sugar, the rest of the core Donquixote Pirates were featured, which is surprising as I didn’t expect Dellinger to have been part of the crew when he was a baby. Vergo most likely was part of the Donquixote Pirates sixteen years ago as Doflamingo had stated that Vergo was the member who had been with him the longest. Law recognised neither Sugar or Monet which indicates that they most likely joined during the three-year gap from when Law left the crew to Doflamingo taking over Dressrosa.

It may be just my subjective belief, but I just get the feeling that Monet was likely a former [Tenryuubito] slave who was saved by Doflamingo. If Monet really was one of the later Donquixote Pirates to join the crew, there is some special scenario that happened to solidify the level of loyalty she holds for Doflamingo to be given such important tasks for the crew. From past characters who have been liberated from slavery, we have seen the level of gratitude they feel towards their saviors – Hancock, Koala, and Jean Bart. Alongside Monet’s loyalty to Doflamingo, one has to wonder why she had her arms and legs replaced with wings and talons respectively, did those limbs remind her of some traumatic experience? Regardless, I look forward to seeing whether Oda-sensei has more plans for Monet in the story.

One Piece chapter 762 - Law's pain 1 One Piece chapter 762 - Law's pain 2 One Piece chapter 762 - Law's pain 3

The White City, Flevance, what a tragic end it had in store for it. And one that could have been prevented or even minimised if others reached out a helping hand instead of a hand looking to grab more money. The World Government knew of the true nature of the “Amber Lead” as they had done a study on its properties a century before it became a commercial material, but because so much money was involved in the commercialization of it, those in the know kept quiet. At the point the World Government and Royal Family decided to keep the secret a secret, they sentenced countless innocent people to their deaths; tragic, painful deaths. A city filled with beauty and celebration turned into a hell which the rest of the world wanted to get rid of. Fear and ignorance exasperated the situation and brought about a reality that made it more painful for the victims than it needed to be. The horrors that unfolded as a result truly were tragic and sorrowful.

One Piece chapter 762 - Law attacks Corazon

I really want to know who Corazon is…

Law having been part of such a hell, it was only natural that he would react in such a despairing way seeking to create as much destruction and death as he could before his life was finally taken away from him. But what I am curious about is what exactly did Corazon do to Law to save him from such a dark and despairing place? How did Corazon head Law’s heart? And from Law wanting to kill Corazon, how did they relationship develop in one where Corazon became the person most important to Law? There is so much more to Corazon than what is currently being revealed, just who exactly was he? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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