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Naruto Chapter 693-694 – The Fated Battle: Hokage

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Naruto chapter 693 - The Destined Fight - colour by Desorienter (http://desorienter.deviantart.com)

The fated battle finally begins… – colour by Desorienter

Beyond the madness that has gotten a hold of Sasuke and twisted his perception of the world and what he deems “necessary”, there is some logic to the method he has proposed in bringing about a revolution for the shinobi world. Regardless of Sasuke only focusing on the negatives the current shinobi model has brought about, centralising evil onto oneself in order to unite a world does hold a certain potential to reduce conflict, but at the same time it also opens the gates of uncertainty and insanity. Does Sasuke really believe that inducing negativity in others and having it directed at himself will truly save the world and lead it to lasting peace? Just like Madara and Kaguya, Sasuke fails to see the overarching effects his actions will have on the individual and the world they will perceive themselves living in.

Finally though, we get to hear Sasuke’s answer to the question of what he wants to do, and thankfully it is an answer that does pull together everything he has been through and seen in a way that does in part make sense and remain consistent with his perception of the world, regardless of it being an incredibly jaded one.

Naruto chapter 694 - Sasuke's understanding of Itachi's actions

Will Sasuke realise the mistakes Itachi had regarding his own actions?

Sasuke feels it is necessary for him to become the villain of the world in order to unite it and save it from the chains of the past that have laid the residents of the world in bondage for far too long. The loss of Itachi and the realisation of the darkness the shinobi world can embody pushed Sasuke’s perception of the world over the edge and truly caused Sasuke to obsess over one side of the ‘coin’. Despite the current shinobi system being the cause of much suffering and pain, there has been a consistency throughout, all the Kages desire peace, it is only their own insecurity and fear of others that have made them react hostilely.

Sasuke should really take into account the achievements some of the Kages have accomplished before concluding they deserve death. Tsunade was the shinobi who create the medical shinobi system and thanks to her being Hokage, relations between Konoha and other shinobi nations have blossomed. Gaara as well, Sasuke more than most people should understand the level of change he has been through and what a liberating experience it was.

Naruto chapter 694 - Sasuke's perception of the Hokage

Both wanting to become Hokage, but both having different perceptions of what Hokage means

Rather than clear the world of the darkness, it feels more like Sasuke intends to clear his heart of light in order for himself to reside in darkness while he rules over the world casting judgement and punishment to those he feel deserve it. While there are some benefits to having power centralized, there is a reason why in reality governments have changed to have the power to rules over others separated. Right and wrong is incredibly subjective and one person holding all the power serves to create more conflict than if the power is separated and people feel they have the power to make a difference in the governments they choose to rules over them.

Naruto chapter 694 - Lessons from the past

The past and the mistakes you learn from it help you move forward into the future while living in the present

Before Sasuke thinks about changing the world and becoming its “Hokage”, he should first take a step back and look at the failings in Madara and Kaguya’s plan of trying to save the world and creating “peace”. Why exactly were Madara and Kaguya’s plan unsuccessful? Sasuke himself had a hand in stopping both of them. There is no “one” answer to creating peace, Naruto is correct in saying that the past is used to help a person realise their mistakes and once they do they pick themselves up and move forward again until their next mishap. Making mistakes and picking oneself up is potentially the most logical way for peace to come about. Life isn’t perfect and with the uniqueness each person embodies, different view points and outlooks of what should be done are inevitable. It all comes down to learning from past mistakes and accepting as well as respecting others for being different and unlike oneself.

Naruto chapter 694 - Naruto and Sasuke - colour by ZeTsu-c (http://zetsu-c.deviantart.com)

The feud between best friends begins its end – colour by ZeTsu-c

Naruto embodies the change that can potentially surround the world – along with now being accepted and recognised by everything, Naruto also ended up bearing the hatred and grudges of everyone when all people saw in him was a demon. Understanding others and respecting them comes from accepting who they are first. Just as Naruto is leading by example and showing the world that you can rise above petty differences and pointless grudges, Sasuke himself needs to find a way to accept the world for what it is and move on from their, not trying to mold it to his own whims and desires. With the fated battle between best friends beginning, I definitely am looking forward to seeing how this inevitable conflict develops and concludes.

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