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One Piece Chapter 762 – The Flevance Tragedy

One Piece chapter 762 - Law's hate for Corazon

What was the cause that changed everything for these two?

Wow, that was heavy. I never knew Law’s past was such a tragic one and one deeply ingrained alongside the darkness of humanity. No wonder Law’s first appearance as a child in the flashback was one thick with despair and devoid of hope, because at the age of ten, he had already bore witness to and experienced pain beyond that which many would even come close to comprehending. For the Law who discarded everything after he saw his parents shot to death in front of him, his academy friends and mentors killed, and his beloved sister left to die in the hospital which was set on fire, how exactly did that Law end up being saved? What exactly did Corazon do to Law to bring him back from the darkness?

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Naruto Chapter 693-694 – The Fated Battle: Hokage

Naruto chapter 693 - The Destined Fight - colour by Desorienter (http://desorienter.deviantart.com)

The fated battle finally begins… – colour by Desorienter

Beyond the madness that has gotten a hold of Sasuke and twisted his perception of the world and what he deems “necessary”, there is some logic to the method he has proposed in bringing about a revolution for the shinobi world. Regardless of Sasuke only focusing on the negatives the current shinobi model has brought about, centralising evil onto oneself in order to unite a world does hold a certain potential to reduce conflict, but at the same time it also opens the gates of uncertainty and insanity. Does Sasuke really believe that inducing negativity in others and having it directed at himself will truly save the world and lead it to lasting peace? Just like Madara and Kaguya, Sasuke fails to see the overarching effects his actions will have on the individual and the world they will perceive themselves living in.

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Bleach Chapter 598-599 – Senjumaru VS The Sternritter

Bleach chapter 599 - Yhwach's Elite Sternritter squad

Elite huh, I wonder…

How fascinating, the final Sternritter members are showing up one after another but thanks to Yhwach’s “Elite Force” force showing up, it means there are some opponents for the incoming Karakura team to combat when they arrive, exciting exciting! I was expecting the Senjumaru vs Nianzol Weizol fight to last a bit longer, at least two chapters¬†but interestingly enough, it was dealt with in a matter of pages. I guess even fights at this point in the story can break away from the norm and develop in a different manner.

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