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One Piece Chapter 762 – The Flevance Tragedy

Wow, that was heavy. I never knew Law’s past was such a tragic one and one deeply ingrained alongside the darkness of humanity. No wonder Law’s first appearance as a child in the flashback was one thick with despair and … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 693-694 – The Fated Battle: Hokage

Beyond the madness that has gotten a hold of Sasuke and twisted his perception of the world and what he deems “necessary”, there is some logic to the method he has proposed in bringing about a revolution for the shinobi … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 598-599 – Senjumaru VS The Sternritter

How fascinating, the final Sternritter members are showing up one after another but thanks to Yhwach’s “Elite Force” force showing up, it means there are some opponents for the incoming Karakura team to combat when they arrive, exciting exciting! I … Continue reading

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