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Fairy Tail Chapter 400 – Igneel Appears

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Fairy Tail chapter 400 - Igneel appears

He was always with him…

And so the wings of hope cast aside the clouds of despair and reveal the rays of light awaiting beyond such impending doom. Appearing before his son and resolving to open a path for his son to prevent the end of the world from culminating into destruction, he engages the Black Dragon, Acnologia.

I was curious to find out where Igneel had been all this time and it appears he was closer than anyone could have thought. I am very interested in learning the reasoning of how exactly it were possible for Igneel to reside in such a place – magic! If Igneel was waiting in such a place, does this mean that the other Dragons are residing in similar places? Will Grandeeney and Metalicana appear as well soon? What exactly are “Dragon Slayers”? And how powerful can one become?

I guess it was expected that after the Tenrou Island incident, those affected by Acnologia’s terror and power would still be sensitive and fearful of it currently. Even Mard Geer seems shaken by Acnologia’s appearance.

Fairy Tail chapter 400 - Mard Geer

Just what is E.N.D.?

Based on what Mard Geer had stated, it appears Acnologia is after E.N.D. with the intention of destroying it before it can be resurrected. This brings into question, what or who exactly is E.N.D.? For Mard Geer to say that Acnologia possibly fears E.N.D. is a very curious statement, although I suppose seeing as Igneel was unable to defeat E.N.D., it could be something very effective against the Dragons. Mard Geer seemed awfully happy at the thought that Acnologia, the Dragon King, is fearful of E.N.D., I wonder if Mard Geer had the intention of facing the Dragons as well when he revived E.N.D. With so much mystery surrounding E.N.D., I am very fascinated to learn who or what exactly it is and how it relates to Natsu.

Fairy Tail chapter 400 - Igneel VS Acnologia

I am very anxious to see what Igneel’s fate exactly is after his battle with Acnologia

As for Zeref, did expect something like this? And did he develop E.N.D. to be some counter against Acnologia and the Dragons in general? And why does he feel Natsu is the only one who can stop him? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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