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Fairy Tail Chapter 399 – Acnologia Appears

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Fairy Tail chapter 399 - Acnologia appears

I don’t see any of the current arc characters being able to stand up against Acnologia, not even Mard Geer

And so the darkness thick in despair invades the skies and hearts sensitive to such terror find themselves shaken by the realisation of its appearance. Unexpected and inconceivable, the King of Dragons arrives in front of the humans and demons for a purpose yet to be revealed but one which will have serious repercussions for the fate and the state of the world.

Definitely did not expect Acnologia to appear this chapter before I started reading it and did not expect Acnologia to be the one to interrupt the battle between Fairies and Demons, what a compelling and wonderful twist. It is really going to be interesting to see how Fairy Tail handles their encounter with Acnologia, especially after nearly being annihilated by him seven and a bit years ago. Mard Geer’s reaction was interesting, I am curious to see what he ends up doing regarding Acnologia’s appearance and whether the dragon really is after the demons and Zeref.

Fairy Tail chapter 399 - Erza VS Kyouka

Kyouka really has taken an interesting in Erza

I was only expecting an epic battle between Erza and Kyouka, and Mashima-sensei delivered us that and more. It was great seeing Kyouka fight evenly with Erza and even force Erza to break a sweat to land a blow on her. With their battle now being interrupted, I wonder how Erza intends to disable Face and stop the magic within the continent from being nullified (can do it without Kyouka?). And regarding Kyouka, I am curious to see what she will do now, especially after meeting the dragon whom Zeref had a hand in “creating”.

With Humans, Demons and Dragons now all together in focus, something interesting should end up happening, especially with the Fire Dragon, Igneel, pondering whether the moment for him to make his move has come. I wonder if this means that the Ryuuousai (Dragon King Festival) is about to begin. Will we finally get to see the banquet of “Dragons”, “Demons” and “Humans”? Whatever the case, Acnologia has visited the scene for a reason and whatever that reason is, I doubt he plans on leaving without leaving a mark of his terror.

Fairy Tail chapter 399 - Igneel

Will the Dragon King Festival begin soon?

When the moment Igneel and the other Dragons decide to move, I really do wonder how the world as a whole is going to be affected. And where does Zeref fit into all of this? What does he plan to do with Acnologia now actively making a move and with Igneel ready to move as well? Definitely looking forward to the next chapter.


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