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One Piece Chapter 759 – Luffy And Law VS Doflamingo

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One Piece chapter 759 - Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk

Lets hope that Red Hawk warmed Doflamingo’s heart up a bit =P

Finally, after all the suffering and pain Doflamingo has inflicted onto others, he is finally getting his just desserts, and this time in the form of a perfectly landed Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk. Hopefully this is just an appetizer for what is to come and we are treated to more of Doflamingo getting beaten in the coming chapters. Everything Doflamingo had others pay for his amusement, he should now own up and pay that all back, preferable in the form of a beating dished out by Luffy onto him. Also, Luffy and Law make one amazing tag-team, the set-up they created to open Doflamingo up was incredible.

I don’t get it, why were people so infatuated by Doflamingo in the past that they admired him to the point of turning a blind eye to the evil acts he ends up doing? Why did Law and Bellamy in the past want to join Doflamingo’s pirate crew? What was it that captivated them about Doflamingo? Because whatever it was, I am honestly not seeing any traces of it at all.

Doflamingo may be a major douche, but I doubt he was all bad for the whole of his life, such a change must have come about due to certain circumstances and situations. Still I am curious about the incident 13 years ago and what exactly Doflamingo meant when he stated that if it wasn’t for that incident, Law would have still been by his side. I want to hazard a guess that Doflamingo somehow managed to force people to follow/like him, but such a theory sounds ridiculous given the question – how would such a thing even be possible in the first place? It is mysterious, the admiration some people hold for Doflamingo despite Doflamingo showing no respect and honesty to them e.g. Bellamy.

One Piece chapter 759 - Doflamingo's anger

Did Doflamingo seriously not expect to have people oppose him when he was doing such evil acts?

Sad that Bellamy is getting man-handled and kicked, but his presence serves to showcase Doflamingo as the sinister character that he is, one whom is not completely concerned with the well-being of his followers and admirers. The fact that Doflamingo used Bellamy to attack Luffy while he remained sitting comfy on his seat served to illustrate just how heartless Doflamingo truly is. But given the crew Doflamingo has around him, I am left wondering why they would follow someone like Doflamingo? What is so captivating about him that they would do such a thing, and most of all, I am desperately wanting to know why Monet’s stated that Doflamingo is the man who will become the Pirate King despite Doflamingo having revealed his lack of interest in being a pirate. Something is seriously not adding up and I want to know why!

Doflamingo must be regretting meeting the Straw Hats now and getting on their bad side, because all the bad things that have happened to him in the last few days have been because of the Straw Hat pirates. Well given all Doflamingo has done since becoming a Shichibukai, I am glad someone is standing up against him and winning. Doflamingo getting smashed by Luffy’s Red Hawk was completely satisfying and I look forward to seeing Luffy land more juicy hits on the man who has no regret corrupting and destroying a nation.

One Piece chapter 759 - Robin, Bartolomeo and Cavendish

At least now we know why the head cracker toys were so big…

With Sugar’s toyfication affect nullified, the Robin/Bartolomeo/Cavendish VS Gladius battle should be interesting especially seeing who ends up being the one to fight him. I wonder if all three will take Gladius on or whether the Donquixote Pirates released from their toyfication imprisonment contract will still decide to help the Donquixote Pirates. It is also entirely possible that other Donquixote Pirate crew members show up to back Gladius up. Whatever the case, I seriously hope Robin’s gets some decent moments to shine and showcase the potential of her devil fruit.

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