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Bleach Chapter 595 – State Of Heart

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Bleach chapter 595 - Kensei and Rose

Mayuri’s experiments seems to be bearing fruit =)

Chapters like this make you miss the Arrancar and how amazingly badass the Espada were (save for the lackluster handling of the top four Espada – including Yammy, at the climax of the Winter War). I don’t really have a problem with Pepe’s ideology of love and how it governs conflict, but the moment he ended up overly expressing his love in a disturbingly excessive fashion, I couldn’t help but find myself incredibly taken aback and bewildered. If Kubo-sensei was going for the “shock-factor”, he definitely achieved that, along with a scene one would want to erase from their memory.

Flashes of Mask de Masculine crossed my mind the moment shock overwhelmed me and thinking back now, it feels as if the surprise this chapter was even more potent than the Mask de Masculine scene. It could just be because the Mask de Masculine scene isn’t fresh in my mind, and if that is the case, I can’t say I am inspired to want to be reminded of Mask de Masculine exposing his “star package”. Either way, both Mask de Masculine and Pepe make me frown upon the Quincy and how incredibly disturbing they can be. I shudder to think of the developments Kubo-sensei has in store for us regarding the remaining Sternritter =/.

At least the cliff-hanger of the chapter managed to salvage some excitement back, I guess if you want to fight against an opponent who can control the feeling and state of your heart, you use Shinigami who have had their heart ‘numbed’. Zombies definitely make a perfect counter to Pepe’s abilities, I am surprised such a tactic is being utilised, makes me wonder if Mayuri was aware of Byakuya’s fight and if so, I wonder how many of the other battles he is aware of =/.

Hopefully this battle isn’t prolonged and stretched over four chapters like some other distasteful characters. While it is great seeing Kensei and Rose have a moment to shine (even though they are zombies), I would prefer to see the end of Pepe sooner rather than later. The next chapter should be interesting, I am curious to see how Mayuri’s ‘experiment’ is progressing.

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